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A Night with Fin's Trainer, Tyler

Mascot Fin



Once a month we provide one lucky Fan Club member with a pair of tickets to a game and a once in a life time experience: assist yours truly, FIN, in some of the whale's duties that night and gets the title of FIN's Trainer. In February, Tyler from Abbotsford was selected as FIN's Trainer at the Canucks vs Senators game! He did a FIN-tastic job and I can't wait to share the details of our night with you.


The night started with Tyler and his father watching the first period in their seats. I wanted to give him a chance to enjoy the game before he got to hang out with me! Shortly after the end of the first period, Tyler and his dad met up with me and I gave him a super high five. Little did he know that during the first timeout of the second period it was his time to shine as announcer John Ashbridge, introduced him to the 18,810 fans, who gave Tyler a huge welcome to the building. I could tell Tyler was nervous waiving to so many people, but his smile was so big I knew he was going to have a blast and be a great FIN's Trainer.

Without a second to waste after soaking in the spotlight, we immediately we had the fun job of handing out Dibs, during the Dib's Kids Cam, to lots of excited kids. I always find it funny that adults all of sudden become kid-like and want to win the ice cream too.


After we delivered the ice cream, our next job was to help get the crowd pumped. We went from section to section banging my drum in hopes to rouse a loud GO CANUCKS GO from the crowd. Tyler even helped me by carrying my drum as Canucks fans asked me to pose for pictures. I even let him hit the drum at a few sections and the crowd responded with a resounding GO CANUCKS GO!

Before we knew it, the second period was close to ending and Tyler and I went down to the Olympia tunnel on ice level to get ready for the t-shirt give away compliments of my bazooka/prize cannon. That night we were shooting Boston Pizza/Canucks t-shirts with $10 gift cards from Boston Pizza inside (so in the future just make sure you check those t-shirts!) Tyler held onto the bazooka until we were ready to go onto the ice and helped me point out where we should shoot the prize. Overall, we shot 10 shirts out, including the last shirt where Tyler was given the opportunity to pull the trigger and shoot that t-shirt up to the 300 level. Congrats to those lucky 10 who caught the shirts!


After helping me for the full second period, it was time for Tyler to join his dad again to watch the rest of the game. With the score at 3-2 for the Canucks, there was a pretty good chance that the Canucks would wrap the game up with a win against the Senators. So half way through the third period, I summoned Tyler to help me out again by celebrating the win on center ice. Sure enough, the Canucks did not disappoint and Tyler and I stepped onto center ice again, victoriously waving the Canucks flag. The night ended with a 4-2 win for the Canucks and I had to say goodnight to Tyler. Tyler did a great job being FIN's Trainer and I hope he left with great memories of the night. Awesome job, Tyler!

See my pictures from the night with Tyler and a few others from my other FIN's Trainers from December and January: Brandon and Nina. There's also one more chance to be FIN's Trainer when we play the Wild on March 14th, make sure you're entered and maybe I'll see you there!

To enter for FIN's Trainer, click here!




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