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Number Crunching: 2010-11 Stats Pack




For those of you who aren't familiar with what I do, I write the Game Notes for Canucks.com (aka Tale of the Tape) which you can read every game day at canucks.com/gamenotes.

Of course a big part of Tale of the Tape is statistics. Some of them are easy to find (Canucks.com and NHL.com), some I get from researching the official game notes packages sent out by the various media relations department around the league, but the majority of them are ones that I keep track of myself throughout the season.

To show everyone who reads Tale of the Tape that I don't just make this stuff up, I am sharing my master list of compiled statistics throughout the year. The stats I usually try and track are ones that media relations departments don't normally provide - which explains why I'll keep track of something such as Vancouver's record when they allow two-or-more power play goals and not their record when they allow a power play goal.

Of course, if there are any other stats junkie out there that finds an error with anything, please feel free to let me know at dfung_sports[at]hotmail.com. You can follow me on Twitter as well at @daniel_fung.


Canucks record when...

Any defenceman scores: 27-5-5

Christian Ehrhoff scores: 10-3-1

Daniel Sedin scores: 24-5-5

Raffi Torres scores: 9-1-0

Mason Raymond scores: 11-0-0

Mikael Samuelsson scores: 11-2-2

Ryan Kesler scores: 26-1-2

Manny Malhotra scores: 6-1-1

Jeff Tambellini scores: 8-0-1

Henrik Sedin scores: 13-2-3

Jannik Hansen scores: 7-2-0

Alex Edler scores: 4-0-3

Alex Burrows scores: 22-2-0

Tanner Glass scores: 2-1-0

Dan Hamhuis scores: 4-1-0

Kevin Bieksa scores: 5-1-0

Keith Ballard scores: 1-0-1

Alex Bolduc scores: 2-0-0

Sami Salo scores: 3-0-0

Andrew Alberts, Mario Bliznak, Aaron Volpatti, Lee Sweatt, Cody Hodgson, Maxim Lapierre, Chris Higgins, or Aaron Rome scores: 1-0-0

Alex Burrows does not play: 5-3-2

Sami Salo does not play: 33-11-9

Keith Ballard does not play: 8-7-2

Dan Hamhuis does not play: 12-5-1

Kevin Bieksa does not play: 11-5-0

Mason Raymond does not play: 9-1-2

Andrew Alberts does not play: 27-9-4

Alex Edler does not play: 22-9-0

Manny Malhotra does not play: 7-3-0

Tanner Glass does not play: 8-1-0

Mikael Samuelsson does not play: 6-1-0

Christian Ehrhoff does not play: 2-0-1

Playing on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada: 7-3-4

Playing on Rogers Sportsnet Pacific: 32-10-3

Playing on Rogers Sportsnet Vancouver Hockey: 9-4-0

Playing on TSN: 6-2-2

Score two-or-more power play goals: 17-2-4

Allow two-or-more power play goals: 2-6-2 (wins came vs ANA on Dec 8 and CGY on Apr 9)

Don't allow 1st period goal: 39-8-3

Don't allow 2nd period goal: 25-4-4

Don't allow 3rd period goal: 28-6-5

Have a two-goal lead at any point in game: 41-0-0

Have a three-goal lead at any point in game: 25-0-0

Have a four-or-more goal lead at any point in game: 12-0-0

Score a goal in the 1st minute of a game: 2-1-0 (Oct 19 MIN, Nov 11 OTT, Mar 6 ANA)

Score a goal in all three regulation periods: 27-0-2

Allow a goal in all three regulation periods: 2-5-1

Hold a lead at any point in the third period: 50-1-3

Surrender a shorthanded goal: 0-2-0 (Nov 17 PIT and Jan 16 MIN)

Don't allow a power play goal: 37-8-3

Score a shorthanded goal: 4-0-1 (Nov 6 DET, Dec 1 CGY, Jan 22 CGY, Feb 1 DAL, Mar 25 ATL)

When getting more power play chances than opponent: 17-7-2

When getting fewer power play chances than opponent: 25-7-4

When getting equal power play chances as opponent: 12-5-3

Playing the first game on a back-to-back night: 5-4-2

Playing the second game on a back-to-back night: 8-1-2

Playing an opponent that had to play the night before: 8-3-3

Canucks list of third period goal scorers...

Alex Burrows & Ryan Kesler: 15 each

Daniel Sedin: 12

Henrik Sedin: 9

Mason Raymond: 7

Mikael Samuelsson: 6

Raffi Torres, Jeff Tambellini, Manny Malhotra, Christian Ehrhoff: 4 each

Dan Hamhuis, Alex Edler, Jannik Hansen: 3 each

Chris Higgins, Kevin Bieksa, Keith Ballard: 2 each

Aaron Rome, Lee Sweatt, Mario Bliznak, Tanner Glass, Peter Schaefer: 1 each

Canucks overall average...

Shots on goal per game: 32

Opponent shots on goal per game: 30.1

Shot attempts blocked per game: 15.3

Opponent shot attempts blocked per game: 13.1

Missed shots per game: 12.5

Opponent missed shots per game: 10.9

Hits per game: 21.7

Opponent hits per game: 22.7

Giveaways per game: 6.8

Opponent giveaways per game: 7.7

Takeaways per game: 7.3

Opponent takeaways per game: 7.2

Blocked shots per game: 13.1

Opponent blocked shots per game: 15.3

Canucks average at home...

Shots on goal per game: 32.2

Opponent shots on goal per game: 30.2

Shot attempts blocked per game: 17

Opponent shot attempts blocked per game: 13.4

Missed shots per game: 12.3

Opponent missed shots per game: 10

Hits per game: 22

Opponent hits per game: 21

Giveaways per game: 6.2

Opponent giveaways per game: 4

Takeaways per game: 8.4

Opponent takeaways per game: 6

Blocked shots per game: 13.4

Opponent blocked shots per game: 17

Canucks average on road...

Shots on goal per game: 31.8

Opponent shots on goal per game: 30

Shot attempts blocked per game: 13.6

Opponent shot attempts blocked per game: 12.7

Missed shots per game: 12.6

Opponent missed shots per game: 11.8

Hits per game: 21.7

Opponent hits per game: 24.4

Giveaways per game: 7.3

Opponent giveaways per game: 11.4

Takeaways per game: 6.1

Opponent takeaways per game: 8.5

Blocked shots per game: 12.7

Opponent blocked shots per game: 13.6


Canucks Most - One Period

Goals: 4 (twice) - Nov 11 OTT (3rd) & Dec 1 CGY (3rd)

Goals Allowed: 4 - Nov 20 CHI (2nd)

Shots: 23 - Nov 6 DET (3rd)

Shots Allowed: 25 - Jan 20 SJS (2nd)

Canucks Fewest - One Period

Shots: 1 - Feb 15 MIN (3rd)

Shots Allowed: 0 - Mar 31 LAK (3rd)

Canucks Most - One Game

Goals: 7 (three times) - Dec 1 CGY, Dec 23 CBJ, Jan 24 DAL

Goals Allowed: 7 - Nov 20 CHI

Shots: 51 - Jan 11 NYI

Shots Allowed: 48 - Mar 10 SJS

Penalty Minutes: 34 - Apr 5 EDM

Penalty Minutes Opp: 36 - Dec 1 CGY

Canucks Fewest - One Game

Goals: 0 (five times) - Nov 9 MTL, Jan 13 NYR, Jan 16 MIN, Mar 3 NSH, Apr 5 EDM

Goals Allowed: 0 (five times) - Nov 1 NJD, Dec 3 CHI, Feb 2 DAL, Mar 6 ANA, Apr 7 MIN

Shots: 14 - Feb 15 MIN

Shots Allowed: 12 - Dec 12 EDM

Penalty Minutes: 2 (twice) - Nov 26 SJS, Mar 16 COL

Penalty Minutes: 0 (twice) - Oct 11 FLA, Nov 21 PHX

Canucks Largest - One Game

Margin of victory: 6 (twice) - Jan 24 DAL, Feb 2 PHX

Margin of defeat: 6 - Nov 20 CHI

Individual Most - One Game

Goals: 3 (five times) - Raffi Torres, Mason Raymond, Ryan Kesler x3

Goals allowed: 2 (seven times) - Dustin Brown (LAK), Niklas Kronwall (DET), Fernando Pisani (CHI), Taylor Pyatt (PHX), Henrik Zetterberg (DET), David Jones (COL), Bobby Ryan (ANA)

Assists: 3 (10 times) - Kevin Bieksa, Ryan Kesler, Daniel Sedin, Christian Ehrhoff, Mason Raymond x2, Henrik Sedin x4

Assists allowed: 3 (three times) - Ryan Getzlaf (ANA), Marian Hossa (CHI), Brian Rafalski (DET)

Points: 4 (twice) - Mason Raymond (Dec 1 CGY) & Henrik Sedin (Dec 23 CBJ)

Points Allowed: 4 - Ryan Getzlaf (Oct 13 ANA)

Saves: 45 - Roberto Luongo (Jan 20 SJS)

Saves, Opponent: Kevin Poulin (Jan 11 NYI)



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