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Bolland spanks the Sedin Twins



Dave Bolland (a PLUS 5) has exploited the fact that the Sedin Twins (a MUNIS 11) can't/won't play defense. Bolland has turned this series around and has exposed the Canucks for being the paper tiger that they are. Where are you Sedin twins???? Can't you handle a little pressure? Now on top of this, can someone please get Lou to a shrink to figure out his multiple personalities? What the heck was he doing in the locker room, and not supporting his team on the bench??

And finally, if Torres is so tough, why does he run away from John Scott?

I'm just saying....EH?

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I tend to agree that Bolland has played a big part in turning this series around. That and the Canucks indifference and seemingly overconfidence in games 4 and 5. I don't think you are being entirely fair to the Sedins though, particularly Henrik. Bolland coming back makes Chicago solid once again up the middle and exposes the hole in the Canucks lineup that they simply can't fill since the Malhotra injury. The Sedins, like the rest of the team, played much better in game 6 and were unlucky not to win. The refs have certainly given Chicago every opportunity to get back in the series as well. Finally, Torres wants nothing to do with Scott because he's the size of TWO Raffis. You can't blame him for that.

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