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Proud of our Canucks



Thank you so much guys for such a great year of hockey, we are all so proud of you.


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I agree with you stacey07. I want to thank Vancouver Canucks for reaching this stage. The are No. 1 in Western Conference and people seem to forget this.

Out of ALL canadian Hockey Teams, the Canucks are on the first place.

If I were a resident of Vancouver, I would go out and CELEBRATE their outstanding performance, their great game and I would CHEER for them in front of Rogers arena.

THANK YOU VANCOUVER CANUCKS!! You made us proud of being Canadians!!!

And for those whom do not agree with me, ..... don't forget, this is just a game, it's supposed to make us HAPPY!!!

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Amen, what a great season. I saw Gillis' and Vigneault's press conference yesterday. Gillis's is right, I little minor tweaking and Canuck's are good to go.Have a great off-season guys. Rest up and stay fit. We'll be looking forward to septemeber.

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