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My First (Adult) Attempt At Ice Skating.

Oregon Canucky


My First (Adult) Attempt At Ice Skating.

Well I had my shiny new Bauers in my passenger seat as Itook to the northbound

freeway. Traffic was good on that Saturday afternoon and it took a mere ten

minutes to get to the Mt View Ice arena in Washington State. From the outside

the facility looked nice and well kept. I was surprised to feel a bit of the

butterflies as I walked in the door.

I was greeted by a lady at the counter, and paid her seven dollars for the public

skate session. Meandering around the corner I found lockers, drinking fountains,

vending machines and a concession stand. Barely resisting a soft pretzel, I moved

through to find a spot along the crowded benches. I looked around as I pulled

off my street shoes. The facility was pretty awesome. Full sized ice with boards,

glass and hanging netting. No doubt this place was made for hockey!

I laced up the skates and walked awkwardly to the door. People of all levels

were on the ice. Some folks were falling down all over the place and the more

experienced skaters easily cruised right around them. The variety in ability

curbed my insecurities as I set one foot down on the ice.

Gripping what I could of the boards, I sort of glided around the first corner of

the ice. My knees were knocking and my ankles wobbled horribly at first. I

remembered the videos I had taken the time to watch and bent my knees pretty

deeply. At the beginning of the session I thought it was going to take me fifty

years to learn to ice skate, but about 15 minutes in I had found my legs. I pushed

away from the boards moved along pretty comfortably with C cuts. Without

lifting my skates at all, I was cruising!

The pain in my arches got my attention regularly, but I wrote it off as a pain

that would pass as I got used to skating. Occasionally I would sit for just a few

minutes (in the penalty box ha!) but I would hop back out as soon as the cramping

let up. I spent a good amount of my ice time pondering what sorts of insoles

would get rid of the cramping or if I was clenching my toes or if I was suffering

from flat feet.

I was distracted from the sharp cramping when a 30-something guy in a Dallas

Stars jacket skated up next to me. He grinned as he asked how I was doing. I

smiled and told him I was doing pretty well. I went on to brag about how I had

the "going" thing figured out but the "stopping" was eluding me. He responded

with some interesting advice;

"Oh, don't worry about it man! I played hockey for a year and a half before I

knew there was a way to stop other than the boards or a body."

I laughed pretty heartily as he suddenly sped off. I wondered if I had just heard

something Zen-like or if that was the most ridiculous piece of advice ever. Either

way it was funny.

The rest of the session I skated and watched others. There were a pair of kids

that I secretly nicknamed "The Terror Twins". The identical youths (about 4 or 5

years old) were playing a fun game of 'push your brother around the ice in a

chair'. Initially that game may not seem so terrible, but the rules included things

like continually speeding up until your brother and or the chair goes flying.

When a brother flew from the chair he would wildly slide across the ice. After

the out-of-control ejection, both brothers shared a loud laugh before switching


Intermission saw the Zamboni go round and round, while everyone

mobbed the concession stand. I just sat and watched with a grin. I was ice

skating, and soon I'd be playing hockey! What was not to smile about?


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That's good to hear about people trying new things. Skating is such amazing exorcise! Keep it up and in no time you'll be one of those advanced skaters.

Is it cold enough where you live to have an out door rink? If so you could always try that out for some cheap practice. You might even find a game going on and join in!

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naw. weather here is alot like Vancouver and Seattle... RAIN and tons of it.

That sucks! I actually live in Saskatchewan... It gets quite cold here during the winter so we have our outdoor rinks running from November->March usually.

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I am also an adult that can't skate with dreams of being a hockey player, while not attempting an NHL career unless things worked that way, I just want to try out and it's a little harder to get into a league now that I am older but your stories will give hope to some keep it up.

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Glad you enjoyed them. There will be more to come. Im buying gear in dec and starting hockey classes next year with a mix of public and private lessons between now and then. Even after joining a rec league im sure ill have plenty of interesting things to write about. Likely it will be the young "whipper-snappers" making a pancake outta me on the boards!

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