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Is Lou Happy With Tonight Against Washington?



Vancouver just told the rest of the league, it is back. The Canucks embarrassed the Washington Capitals in a game that had no meaning. Take that how you like.

The win against the supposed top team in the league got me thinking about how lucky we are to have a team that has a real chance at the cup again this year.

And look at how great our fans are as well. The solid “ Lou” chants, even at other arena’s around the league. The fact that we sing the two versus of "Oh Canada" better than any other arena in the country.The fact that the fans started chanting “Ove” when we were up, just trying to get him to notice that we beat his team tonight. The fact that our fans were able to recognize that the stolen hat-trick goal from OVE might very well have saved the game. The fans applauded the very guy we love and love to hate. The whipping boy of Vancouver. The one we person we have to tell everyone we are upset with because no one wants to admit how lucky we are to have Luongo.

We haven’t had a good goalie since Kirk Maclean. Irbe, Sean Burke, Alex Auld, Dan CLOUTIER! There was the best goalie we could get. We were guarunteed at least one bad goal a game. But we didn’t hold him to the same scrutiny as Luongo. We did, however, think Cloutier could play better than he did. But if you are capable of playing better every game and it doesn't happen on a consistant basis, maybe mediocre was the best he could play.

Put yourself in Luongo's skates for a moment. How would you feel if you won your country a gold medal, took your team to a Stanley Cup final, and signed a lifetime contract with a great city? Then got boo’ed by the same fans that placed Martin Brodeur or Patrick Roy type expectations. You can't tell me that Roy or Martin didn't have bad games. Who can forgot the last game for Patrick in Montreal?

And we already know Luongo has a high expectation on himself.

Plus, he stayed here didn't he? He wouldn’t have stayed if he had to move his wife from the sun and surf year round in Florida, to Calgary or Edmonton.

How excited were you when you found out we traded for Luongo? I know that was one of the most amazing feelings I’ve had with this team because we haven’t had a Franchise Player since Bure. The Sedin Twins combined are a Franchise player, and Kesler is building his case, but let’s see the twins go a whole year without the other.

So do me one favor. The next time you are at a Canucks game and Luongo deserves a "Boo" instead of a "Lou", maybe make the" Boo", into a "BLou" so he feels it could be one way or the other.


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The Canucks are not back at all, one game is not exactly a reason to believe they will play for the Stanley Cup.,its not going to happen this year. I really think Luongo has to go for the good of the team and also his family and the fans of Vancouver, it really is time.

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