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Lou. Florida or Vancouver. Where do YOU want to go?




What if Luongo actually was upset about all the negative comments he receives from writers. What if he was starting to think about what life would be like back in the hot sun in the east.

How would you feel if every day that you went to work, there was a good chance it was front page news material? Everything you did, replayed in slow motion to you, people starting every sentence with "Why" and "What Happened" all the time.

Why did you let in such a weak goal? Why did you play the puck behind the net? Why don't you seem happy to be here some days?

When he was in Florida, all we ever heard was that he was the only reason the Panthers won games. When Florida lost a game or Luongo let in a bad goal, it wasn’t his fault. His save percentage was insanely high because he just got peppered every night. People just assumed it was acceptable for a few of the 45 to 50 shots to go in, right?

Or is it really as it seems? How about this stat. In the last year Luongo played in Florida, his save percentage was .914 and his GAA was 2.97.

Last year was a stellar year for Luongo. He killed those numbers with a .928 save percentage and a 2.11 goals against average.

He's off to a bad start with an .896 percentage and a 2.97 goals against average. Which, oddly enough, is similar to the last season he played with the Panthers. We have gotten what we asked for.

So, what if Luongo was upset with how the media has treated him?

Maybe Florida isn’t so far from his mind.



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The Sedins want to go back to Sweden.

Kesler wants to go to Detroit.

Hodgson wants out of the team too.

Let's just tear it all down cause people here are mind readers and see how all our players want to leave the team.

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Lou and the rest of the team loves it here and would never go anywhere else willingly. We have the best fans(even the band wagoners) and we love our sport. Yes we the fans can be harsh...that just shows our passion for our team and the game we love. He rolls with the punches I'm guessing and will be back to his usual form soon enough. Just my opinion though.

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^ Yeah, 64 million dollars bro.

Luongo was still at that point in his career where he could have gotten the maximum for a goalie from any team that wanted him. So the money probably wasn't a huge factor in choosing Vancouver.

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