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Vancouver: 0, Vegas: 2




Thursday night saw the Vancouver Canucks lose their second straight contest to a team whose play has been so poor that they’ve earned “terrible pun moniker” status. How could this happen?

A possible reason why the ‘nucks lost this game has to be because the NHL officials are obviously biased. They made that clear by allowing six Hurr-durr-icane man-advantages, otherwise making non-calls and swallowing their whistles (Vancouver had one 1:43-minute opportunity) throughout the contest.

But let’s be realistic: they did this simply because they were hungry. NHL referees – the best in the world at their profession – make a paltry $115,000 per year as a starting wage. How are they supposed to survive off of that? Canucks fans really can’t blame the zebras for grazing costs where they can.

In fact, if Vancouverites were to point the finger at anyone, it should be the Vegas odd makers.

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