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Zack & Cody, A Couple Weeks Later



Since the biggest trade on deadline day, there has been a TON of controversy over who won the trade.

There are still a lot of fans of Hodgson on the boards, as he was our top prospect. I was a little sad about losing him too.

I was a little upset when people started saying Hodgson asked for a trade and people are saying he's a douche n stuff, but at the same time, I was a little happy. It was good to see people supporting our new top prospect, Zack Kassian. But people have been underestimating (some overestimating) the value of him.

According to CDC (not everyone, but the majority of the people)

Hodgson is either the next Crosby/Linden, or the next Gomez

Kassian is either the next Bertuzzi/Lucic or the next Bernier.

And In my opinion, we're either overestimating there potential, or we're under estimating it.

The truth is, and you can't argue this one, no one can tell the future. Both players have good potential and no one can magically tell how they're going to turn out, we just have to sit back, and enjoy the ups and downs as they become better and better. Which probably won't be this year, probably not next, but 3-4 years down the road, we will have some good players. We just can't judge them on a game to game basis right now.

Another truth is, even though Cody was our best prospect, and Zack was Buffalos, neither was a highly touted prospect destined to be the next superstar, which a lot of people seem to think. Im sorry for sorta generalizing the CDC population, I don't mean to offend, but there are a lot of people who think they're smarter than scouts and GMs on this site.

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Good summary.

TBH I supported this trade since it happened. I knew who ZK was and I followed him in the OHL and watched him play a bit in the AHL.

As soon as he was announced as a Canuck, I was very happy. A lot of people were raging but they didn't know who this guy was. Now that they see him play they change there minds.

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Comparing Hodgson to Gomez in a bad light isn't a good idea.

Gomez has 686 points, good for 218th all time in NHL history, he was the NHL rookie of the year and he has won 2 Stanley Cups.

I'm really beginning to have my doubts that Hodgson will have a career like Gomez, who had 70 points in his rookie year.

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Since the trade:

Hodgson - 8GP, 0G, 0A, -2, 7 hits

Kassian - 6GP, 1G, 1A, -1, 19 hits

ZOMG!!! We won the trade!!!

Seriously though, most of the detractors of the trade said that this hurt us NOW, because Hodgson was already developed into a key contributor, while Kassian was still pretty green. The truth is, though, neither are developed to the point where they can be relied upon in the playoffs as key contributors.

This also adds proof to the argument that Cody didn't score points with us IN SPITE of his spot on the 3rd line, but rather, may have been successful BECAUSE OF his limited minutes, and his quality of competition. AV has consistently showed the ability to get the most out of his players (with few exceptions), and Cody's production may be a shining example of that.

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I'm not saying this is true or not but I thought it was a good point when a friend said that when you're playing against a really good team like the canucks, opposing team's coaches try to match their first or second defensive pair against our first or second line.

I know it's only less than ten games in but I imagine it'd be harder to rack up points playing on one of Buffalo's two top lines against the likes of Seidenberg and Chara or Seabrook and Keith compared to playing as a bottom six but playing against the likes of Zanon and Corvo or Olsen and Hjalmarsson.

Yes some bottom six forwards eventually develop into top six forwards but Hodgson hasn't proven himself as a first or second line center, especially not for a full season.

Again, not saying this is true but I do see it as a viable argument.

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Yes Mgorospe this is very true, and good players need to adapt to this to show they're good players

btw Kassian scored on the second line :P

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Cody's stats in Buffalo so far...

Year Team League GP G A PTS +/- PPG PPA SHG SHA GWG PIM Shots PCT Hits 2011-12 Buffalo NHL 10 0 0 0 -5 0 0 0 0 0 2 16 .00 8

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