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Shea Weber and the Canucks



With the departure of Ryan Suter from the Nashville Predators, the main question in Nashville is, what is going to happen with Shea Weber. As all Hockey fans know, Weber is a norris trophy candidate just about every season, and if not the best defencemen in the league, one of the best without a doubt. With Ryan Suter's departure from Nashville, Shea Weber may not want to re-sign in Nashville and play their for his whole career, which makes the situation in Nashville much more difficult.

Ever since the Canucks were an expansion team in the NHL, they have always lacked that true, number one, norris trophy defencemen. Although the defencemen who have played in Vancouver over the years have been solid, the Canucks have never had that all-star, norris trophy defencemen. I personally believe, the chance to get that defencemen is now. I trully believe Shea Weber is the missing piece to this team, and with an already pretty good top 4 blue line in Bieksa, Hamhuis, Edler and now Garrison, adding Weber would be a statement for the Vancouver Canucks.

The window to win the cup is closing, and even if it takes giving nashville an enormous offer sheet and potentially losing a few draft picks to get Shea Weber, the question is, why not? The saying is "it takes allot, to get allot", and especially when talking about a player like Weber, the Canucks are going to have to give up a ton to land his services. If a trade were to happen, the main centerpiece from the Canucks would have to be Edler. Although he had a dreadfull playoff run in which everyone would like to forget, Edler is still a very good defencemen who has potential to get even better. But besides Edler, who else do the Canucks have to give to Nashville? Possible Yan Sauve, drafted 41st overall in the 2008 NHL draft, was looking to be a solid second pairing shutdown defencemen in the NHL. Yan Sauve since has tailed off and his developement has slowed, but maybe Nashville believes he could potentially be a shutdown force in the NHL some day? Then there's Raymond, in which the Canucks believe can still be a top 6 forward in the NHL, but do the Nashville Predators? Raymond is coming off a major back injury, but even I am starting to believe that he cannot re bound and be that 30 goal second line forward he was just a few years ago. Usually i wouldn't want the Canucks to give up a young prospect in any deal, but if it's for Shea Weber, maybe my thoughts would change. The fact is, besides Edler, the Canucks don't have allot of attractive pieces to put into a deal that would bring Weber to Vancouver. Could the Canucks include a former Selke winner in Ryan Kesler into a deal for Weber? Although Kesler struggled last season, i believe he is still a great player who can score 30 goals while shutting down teams best players. So far, a vancouver deal could be Edler, Sauve, Raymond, Kesler, and a first round pick?

From a Nashville predators standpoint, if Weber doesn't except a long-term deal from the Predators, look for them to trade Weber. The Predators cannot afford to lose Weber for nothing, like they just did with Suter. The fact is, the Canucks may not have the assets to trade for Weber, so does that mean the Canucks should go another route and send Nashville a huge offer sheet? If i where Mike Gillis, i would do almost anything in my power to land the defencemen as long as that means we wouldn't have to trade Henrik or Daniel Sedin. It's not often a player like Shea Weber is put on the trade market, but if that were to happen, i wouldn't be surprised if the Canucks were extremely interested in trying to acquire him. With the Minnesota wild signing both parise and Suter to long term contracts, the window for winning a cup is getting smaller, and smaller. The Canucks need to make a big splash, and that probably won't happen with Roberto Luongo. If landing Shea Weber means trading some future assets or some high draft picks and allot of money to win the first ever stanley cup , why not pull the trigger?

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