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If I was Mike Gillis....



If I was Mike Gillis and the season starts Jan 1st with a 48 game schedule, there are a few moves i would and wouldn't make

1. I would not trade Luongo, at least not yet. With a 48 game schedule it will be condensed with teams playing 3-4 times per week and a good goalie tandem is needed to stay on top of the league. If Gillis were to trade Luongo now his value would be low because of him being pulled in the playoffs, but if Luongo is able to regain form and have a good regular season again his value would most likely go up. Then If at the trade deadline there are teams that feel they need better goal-tending to either 1)make the playoffs or 2) have better goal-tending in the playoffs to succeed, they will be more inclined to give up the necessary pieces to obtain him. and if Luongo refuses to waive his NTC until the end of the playoffs then so be it. a good goalie tandem is vital in the playoffs, and who knows maybe Luongo can overtake Schneider for the starting job like Tim Thomas did in 2010-2011, he has the ability to do so. i believe in him, plus i dont want to give up on Lu.I would not be comfortable with Lack as our backup because he isnt really doing all that great in the AHL right now and needs to work on his consistency.

2. keep the AHL players in the AHL. Kassian, Tanev, Lack and the PROSPECTS in the minors(Ebbett and depth players get called up for depth) unless our team get injured and needs those guys up. bringing them up now to play bottom minutes is detrimental to their development.if Kassian is playing top 6 min in the AHL getting lots of confidence, then we bring him up for 4th line min in the NHL he loses that confidence and makes him far less effective. same goes with Tanev, except he would get far more playing time than Kassian.

3. Don't trade away depth players for picks or prospects. with a shortened season injures will be far more important to deal with, and could be the difference between making the playoffs or not. so just because you hate Raymond and dont feel hes good doesnt mean he should be traded for a 2nd rounder. If Higgins goes down injured we have Raymond and Hansen ready to fill in on that position. if Booth and Higgins gets injured we have Hansen, Raymond and Ebbett ready to fill in the depth chart. big No No in a shortened season.

4. Sign depth players for maximum 2 year to increase our depth. just some ideas, not signing all of them

-Jim Vandermeer 1 year @ $800 000; he has expressed interest in the canucks and could be a good depth guy in-case of injuries

-Kristian Huselius 1 year @ 2mill; high risk, high reward player. if he stays healthy he could be a very good top 6 player, if not he is off our books after a shortened season anyways.

-Jason Arnott 1 years @ 2.2mill; both the Canucks and Arnott expressed interest in each-other and he could be a great 3rd line center, with leadership and gritt.

-Gilbert Brule 2 years @ 900 000per, 2-way contract; another high risk high reward player. if he can get back the magic he once had maybe he could become a top tier talent like others in his draft class. if not he can be used as and Ebbett type player

Final Roster outline


Daniel Sedin ($6.100m) / Henrik Sedin ($6.100m) / Alexandre Burrows ($2.000m)

Kristian Huselius ($2.000m) / Ryan Kesler ($5.000m) / David Booth ($4.250m)

Chris Higgins ($1.900m) / Maxim Lapierre ($1.000m) / Mason Raymond ($2.275m)

Andrew Ebbett ($0.600m) / Manny Malhotra ($2.500m) / Jannik Hansen ($1.350m)

Aaron Volpatti ($0.600m) / Dale Weise ($0.615m)


Kevin Bieksa ($4.600m) / Dan Hamhuis ($4.500m)

Jason Garrison ($4.600m) / Alexander Edler ($3.250m)

Keith Ballard ($4.200m) / Jim Vandermeer ($0.800m)

Andrew Alberts ($1.225m) /


Cory Schneider ($4.000m)

Roberto Luongo ($5.333m)


CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)

(these totals are compiled with the bonus cushion)

SALARY CAP: $70,200,000; CAP PAYROLL: $68,798,333; BONUSES: $0

CAP SPACE (23-man roster): $1,401,667

then after that season we have these contracts coming off the books, leaving us with a lot of money to resign Edler, Higgins, Lapierre, Malholtra and others that earned a spot on the roster.

Mason Raymond ($2.275m)

Manny Malhotra ($2.500m)

Maxim Lapierre ($1.000m)

Chris Higgins ($1.900m)

Kristian Huselius ($2.000m)

Dale Weise ($0.615m)

Aaron Volpatti ($0.600m)

Andrew Ebbett ($0.600m)

Andrew Alberts ($1.225m)

Alexander Edler ($3.250m)

Jim Vandermeer ($0.800m)


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Huselius is done.

i think he can come back, and put up 40+ pts. if he is truly done i see him going to Europe and thats no problem, we can just sign someone else or let Raymond or Higgins have his spot

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Without knowing what the CBA looks like, it's all speculation. We don't even know if the $70 mil cap is the real cap. Brule would be fine for a tryout.

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If I was Mike Gillis, I would bring my entire scouting staff back from europe and station them throughout the WHL, with extra special attention being payed to Kelowna and Kamloops. Then I would by meself season tickets to the Giants and in 5-7 years, we might have a cup.

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1. I wouldn't hold onto Lu, his value won't rise as a 34 year old, even if he has a good year, we might aswell get something good now and build for a run.

2. Tanev is on the NHL roster for sure if the season gets going, Kassian and Schroeder I would give a shot but unless they make the top 9 then I would send them down aswell.

3. I don't recall any plans on doing this aside from Raymond (who I would only trade if it was a package deal), I'm with you on this, we need depth more than the 2nd or 3rd we will get in return.


- No issue with the Vandermeer signing, low risk signing for a guy who could add reliable depth.

- No to Arnott, I would much rather give that spot to Lappy or Manny, and I'm not willing to go over 1 - 1.5 if we signed Arnott anyways.

- No to Huselius, he's a decent player but not at that price, it's fairly high risk and the risk is much more probably than the "high reward".

- The Brule signing i'm on board for, much like Vandermeer a low risk signing that could give us a solid bottom 6 depth player.

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I would hire a new scouting department....... Enough with the lame drafting and poor trades. They were doing so well before and now seem to have reverted back to lame decision making we're used to seeing!

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