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Who is the best Canuck of all time...?




Who really was (or is) the best Canuck of all time?

I started to do some research and thought I would put together a list of information for you.

You can decide by posting down at the bottom.

Let me start you with this...

Did you know that Todd Bertuzzi had a higher points per game average in his Canucks career than his buddy Markus Naslund? Does that make you think differently about how good Burtuzzi was here?

In 884 games, Naslund had 756 points. A pace of 0.86 points per game.

Burtuzzi finished with 449 points in 518 games. A 0.87 points per game pace.

Just how good was Pavel Bure? He finished with 478 points in 428 games, a points per game pace of 1.12!

Henrik and Daniel are at a 0.85 and 0.84 points per game pace respectively.

The goals per game pace is somewhat surprising. Tony Tanti is second in franchise history with 0.47 goals per game.

Pavel Bure sits first with 0.59. And the other sniper Naslund sits 3rd with 0.39.

Assists? Henrik currently holds the top spot with a 0.65 per game average. Thomas Gradin sits in second with a 0.58 spot.

Gino Odjick holds the top spot with penalty minutes per game at 4.79 but I don't think that qualifies him as being the best Canuck of all time.

How about being clutch? For game winning goals Daniel Sedin leads the franchise with 60. Naslund is second with 49. Linden 33. Pavel's 32 out of his 254 total goals means he had a hero rating of 12.5%.

Daniel Sedin sits first with a hero rating of 21.5%, well above Bure who scored a lot of goals when they didn't matter. Not to say that he didn't have important goals. The game against Calgary was one of the biggest.

Sticking with clutch, Trevor Linden still holds the club record for playoff goals with 34, tied with Pavel Bure. Geoff Courtnall and Cliff Ronning sit third and fourth.

5 on 5 goals, essentially hard working goals, shows some very interesting numbers. Markus Naslund has the highest total with 232. Daniel Sedin sits second with 215. Ryan Kesler has 1 more than Bure with 129. Did you know that Kesler and Bure were that close?

And what about Goalie numbers. Can a goalie be the best Canuck of all time?

Games played, Kirk McLean leads with 516. Luongo is second with 386.

Winning percentage? Roberto Luongo leads with 0.58%. He also has the franchise record in wins with 224. Schnieder's 0.56% pace is second While Dan Cloutier sits 3rd at 0.52%.

Luongo also leads in shutouts with 33.

Schnieder leads with a franchise high 2.24 career goals against average and a save percentage of .928.

Jyrki Lumme had the highest points per game pace than any other defencemen on the team at 0.55. Ohlund and Edler are next in line.

Ohlund of course is the team's top defensive point machine with 325 in 770 games.

So now that you have all this information… who really was (or is) the best Canuck of all time? Make your call below.

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I still love Big Bert but :D but IMHO Bure is still the most electrifying/best player in Canucks history. He may not have the PPG or the overall points but it is undeniable that when he touched the puck Arenas league wide were silenced/amazed until he put it in the net.

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What I mean to say is that you can't just look at the stats and then say who was the best player; they played during diefferent eras, and also there are aspects of the game that stats cannot capture: Trevor Linden is a great example of this; he was all about heart and determination, something that you cannot see in his stats.

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bure was the most talented, reinhart the best pure passer, kurtenback was probably the toughest, smyl was mr. heart and sole, linden the best leader, ohland the best d-man.....most skilled together, the sedins.....lu and mclean the best goalies. AV and quinn the best coaches and gillis and burke the best gms.

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Paul Reinhart had the most PPG for a defenceman at .87 PPG. Guevremont also surpassed Lumme with .58 GPG as a defenceman.

Mogilny had the second highest PPG of forwards at .97 PPG ( if one ignores Mike Walton's .98 GPG because it was done in only 115 games - 113 points) and Mogilny was right after Tanti at .45 GPG.

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pavel bure, every time he touched the puck the fans would lean forward in their seats or rise to their feet at the ole coliseum, electrifying!

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Good post, spell Bertuzzi right though.

I'm stickin' with Linden as my #1 though. I've always valued his leadership and heart.

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Pavel Bure without a doubt, his combination of lightning fast speed and ability to score are incomparable with any other player from this franchise

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