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towel power



Sorry not sure where to post this. I hope canucks camp comes up with a new towel power color. White is for surrender (I know the history and with all due respect to Mr.Neilson). Please change the color to blue or green or maybe a mix of the two.


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LOL ! So you want to change a tradition that has been going since 82' ? Out of respect for the man I think the towel will stay the same color. How about you make a white towel with the Blue n green stick on it wave that one and presto problem solved.

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Towel power started in Van City. Any other team in the league can go ahead & change their towel color or give bizarre t-shirts away...but the white towel is an original baby! There's even a statue outside of our arena commemorating its' inception. It should be here to stay! But - I kinda like the idea of the Johnny Canuck toque catchin' on....with play-off beards....& twin-power!

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Technically towel power existed in the NFL in Pittsburgh in the 70s, but what happened in Vancouver, and the response to it, was it's own thing and completely un related.

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they should make people wear all blue or green during the playoffs, it will look pretty SICK!

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