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Forbes Releases Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World



follow the link at the bottom to see full list on Forbes.

So who are the richest teams in the world, and where do the Canucks rank?

Which major sporting league of the big 6 is more prosperous and where does the NHL fit in to the mix?

I'll tell you.

The richest, most valuable team in the world title belongs to Real Madrid at #1. They are worth an estimated 3.3 billion dollars.

Manchester United comes in at #2 with an estimated worth of 3.165 billion dollars.

The top 2 revenue machines in the world are both soccer teams. That suggests that European Soccer is the top sporting event in the world. Wouldn't you agree Chappy? (Team 1040 reference)

Barcalona is not far behind at #3. Still trending.

The Yankees and Dallas Cowboys round out the top five at 2.3 and 2.1 billion dollars respectively.

The Patriots of the NFL, the Dodgers in MLB. Makes sense as 6 and 7.

Washington Redskins are #8. Surprising.

Quoting from Forbes, "Robert Griffin III delivered by leading the 'Skins to their first division title since 1999. His jersey set a single season record for most sales on NFLShop.com."

San Francisco Giants and Arsenal round out the top 10.

European Soccer, NFL, MLB.

No NHL yet. No NBA yet. No MLS.

The Canucks didn't even make the list, but according to Forbes, they rank 7th in the NHL, worth approx. 342 million dollars. The link for Forbes' full list of NHL teams is at the bottom of the page.

Toronto came in #1 out of all the NHL teams, with a revenue of 1 billion. Good for #31 on the top teams in the world.

Montreal is the only other Canadian team ahead of the Canucks, valued at over 500 million.

Flames and Oilers are next as the top Canadian teams. The Flames holding a 20 million net worth advantage over Edmonton with 225.

So what about actual take home profit?

The Canucks are said to have taken approx 30 million dollars in profit for the year.

However, 13 teams reported less than 0 dollars in profit, meaning their revenue didn't cover the cost to run the team.

Of those teams that lost money; Nashville, Minnesota and the St. Louis Blues were the biggest surprises. Sharks and Capitals were squeekers that still lost money, just not a lot of it. Less than 1 million in debt.

So how would you rate the top 5 or 6 sporting leagues in the world?

Maybe we can get this as a poll question with Scott Rintoul on Team 1040 one morning. For now, your answers are accepted below.




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Well, who would've expected euro soccer teams? Lol, they should make a separate one for North American teams.

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