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15 Days, 6 Games



15 days covering 6 games.

That's the length of suspension that Canucks coach John Tortorella received after his well documented and over analyzed visit to the Calgary Flames dressing room on Saturday night. Lost in the controversy however was the 'Where's Waldo' situation involving Vancouver defenceman Kevin Bieksa.

If you watch the video above or on youtube, you can see that John Tortorella wasn't the only one who ventured into unwanted territory. Kevin Bieksa found, shall we say, an alternate route that resulted in a less visible but still very prominent place, beside the Calgary Flames players as they left the ice.


It's not known if the league is aware that Bieksa was lurking in the shadows.

"Me? No. It wasn't me." said Bieksa at practice today. "I think it was photoshopped. Shane O'Brien photoshopped it."

Bieksa was all smiles when he was asked about it. Bieksa also commented on how Tortorella actions were perceived by the team.

"We like it obviously. You guys know he is an emotional guy, and he's fiery, and he's got our backs...He cares about the players in this room." continued Bieksa.

The rest of the team wasn't phased by their coaches suspension either.

Alex Burrows was asked what he thought Tortorella would be doing during the suspension, "If he's not around, I'm sure he is going to have a very good pulse of what is happening and we'll try to win a few games for him."

"If anyone had any issues with our team toughness, I think we solved that in the last week here," said Dale Weise, who was involved in the on ice melee. "Standing up for each other and being physical...We gotta play with that edge."

Tom Sestito was also chiming in on the toughness of his teammates, "We've been called soft for a couple years...We don't want that anymore."

Aaron Ward was on team 1040 on Monday morning with Bro Jake and Dave Pratt to compare a similar circumstance with his Detroit Red Wings, who went on to win the Stanley Cup. Ward said his team was not playing well to that point in the season. The team turned around after an emotional, fight filled game that had him "eating a fist."

Regardless of what happens next, the Canucks players will not be allowed to have any contact over the next 15 days with their head coach, who is still deciding what to do with his time away from the game.

Just don't expect him to get too far away.


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