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Please Mr Aquilini Fire Gillis and Tortorella



Mr Aquilini,

If you have any sense take your losses now. Mr Gillis made a mistake.Fire Gillis and Tortorella before it is too late and everyone asks to be traded.By next week your rink will be empty. Stop the spiral.Players don't lose skills overnight, but they do quit playing for coaches and GMs whom they do not respect. I am 49 years old and have been a Canucks fan for 44 yrs, this is a disgrace. Do you want the few fans who come to the games to wear paper bags, thats where it is going. I am one fan done watching this is a disgrace!

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Yes have to agree. Leadership is gone along with respect for game and each other. Gillis should have been fired last year! He has destroyed this club. The wrong person got fired last year.

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It can't get any worse. There is something very wrong within this club and yes you have to look at who's making the moves and it makes no sense! It's becoming extremely hard to watch Vancouver these days. I want to support the team but frankly I'm so pissed off and disgusted with the decisions made by Mr. Gillis and Mr. Tortorella that I can't anymore. I can just imagine what's going on behind closed doors to absolutely suck the life and talent out of this team.

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Rink will be empty? LOOOOOL get real buddy.

Aqualini is too smart to listen to fans overreactions.

You need to get real. This "LOL" garabge is no substitute for common sense. The team has been in a free fall since October. It just picked up acceleration as time went on. LOL while while Rome burns. Great solution.

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team was in a free fall after Jan 1st 2014 everything was great leading up to 2014 especially after December and the teams they beat but after that it went south very fast

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November was a losing month with four wins and five losses and four ties-which led to four overtime losses.

Four out of thirteen sucks pretty bad.

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1-8-1 in the L10

Just awful.

Vancouver needs to put a restraining order on MG to keep him away from this team.

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100% agree sadly.

I like Tortorella. I really do. I hate bashing him, and I won't say anything negative about him. But styles do clash. I agree with the assessment of many commentators that Tortorella's style works best with young players.

Tortorella just does not mesh well with a team of old veterans like the Canucks.

Mike Gillis HAS to go. If you keep Torts, you need to trade Kesler and Edler (great players with value) and get young.

At least with a younger skilled team Torts can do some work.

But MG is incompetent.

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I agree that Gillis must go, he is the one that decides who's contract get renewed, and how much for, who gets traded away, and trade in.

The whole GoalieGate fiasco that cost us 2 top starting goalies was the result of the ridiculous contract given to Lou.

We get Kassian for Hodgson, and let Raymond go, those 2 young players have 71pnts this year, our veteran Sedins have 81 (there is a 22 pnt difference between Hodgson and Kassian, and how many goals has Kassian enabled being in the box)

I am not sure about Torts, I do wonder if the team is behind him, but at the same time think Gillis has dealt Torts a lousy hand!

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Aquillini is too smart to listen to an overreaction by fans?? Why would he have kept Gillis for another season after last years debacle, and been instrumental in both keeping Luongo this year and signing Tortorella... He is no genius, that much is clear, but if he has any hope of a clear conscious with this city, he will act swiftly and sharply by firing his useless staff. All the Canadian teams are caught up by this "rebuild" theory, that teams need to tear things completely apart just to become competitive multiple years down the road. Its not a complicated situation Canucks fans, look at the long-term powerhouse teams and they way they lock up both a successful coach and a successful core (Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, San Jose...and used to have the Canucks on that list too), enough nonsense with this "getting a top draft pick" and this garbage. If Gillis had any sense he would stop drafting out of the OHL and start focusing on Europe and the other Canadian leagues. Reality seems like a tough concept for most Canucks fans and I just hope that people start to see this nonsense for what it really is. The arena has already started to empty, ticket prices have taken a nose-dive, and season ticket holders like myself, long time fans, are seriously contemplating dropping our packages because this hockey and organization is disrespectful to its nightly investors.

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i believe that aquilinni will give gillis the summer to fix team and torts another year to mold the talent into a winning team...

gillis has made some mistakes but imo he is still a good gm....

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