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Benn and Seguin... Should They Apologize?




What do you think? do the Stars owe Vancouver an apology for insinuating that the Sedin's sleep together?

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Nah, the Sedin's have probably had a lot worse hurled at them on the ice. These are just two immature guys doing immature things. No point in crucifying them for joking around.

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Apologies can indicate the differences between players who are dirt-bags.. and those with more decent characters who are willing to be properly accountable for their actions. Benn may be a character player after-all,..while Seguin remains a dirt-bag.

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Whatever, they've already done more damage to their public image than any apology can repair.

Okay there 'Brad Marchand' ...

Haha :P

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Like it or not, professional athletes are role models for children. They get media training in part because everything they say reflects not only on their organization and sport as a whole but also because it can be so influential with children. What they said was rude, disgusting, and uncalled for and if a child said that kind of thing about a classmate we'd call it bullying. It's time to set an example and start holding adults to the same level of self control we expect from children. It's not about whether or not the Sedins had their feelings hurt (and I don't believe for a second they gave a fly's fart what either of those guys said), it's about adults not feeling entitled to say rude, mean-spirited things about other people just to get a laugh or to make themselves feel better in comparison when we then turn around and tell children that they're wrong to do that exact thing. We need to put our money where our mouth is and start acting like civilized adults. It really shouldn't be that hard!

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