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Introduction to My Power Rankings




Hi all, I just wanted to take the time to introduce you to my style of Power Rankings. It's not perfect, but it does work out pretty well except in some instances.

The formula for Power Rank Points (or PR Pts. as I have it in my spreadsheet) is this:

(ROW+Goal Differential)*Last 10 Win %.

For the teams that have 0 or less PR Pts., it becomes somewhat skewed (such as when Edmonton and Buffalo had a 0 W% for a while this season), so I have to either evaluate it myself to rank the subpar teams.

I am currently working on getting the week-by-week rankings up to date (which should be completed by this next Sunday), and when that happens, I will post the week's rankings of March 29-April 4 here.

Sweet! Hope you all enjoy!

- Jazz



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