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Game 1: CGY 2-1

Game 2: VAN 4-1

Game 3: CGY 4-2

Game 4: CGY 3-1

Game 5: VAN 2-1

Game 6: CGY 7-4

Canucks' Three Stars of the Series

1. Bo Horvat (1-2-3, +1)

2. Daniel Sedin (2-1-3, +1)

3. Alexander Edler (0-3-3, +3)

Bo Horvat led the Canucks' charge in this year's first round exit against the Calgary Flames, scoring the first goal as well as quietly creating chances. Bo was noticeably Vancouver's best (and most consistently good) player.

Daniel Sedin lead the Vancouver Canucks in goals and shots, tied for the lead in points, and scored the Game 5-winning goal to keep this series alive.

Alexander Edler had three assists, creating many chances for the Canucks with a couple massive hits and a few nice passes.

Series Overview:

Ultimately, the Canucks didn't show up when they need to. Referee non-calls and a relative lack of fan energy didn't help, but the facts that the Canucks gave the puck away too often and they didn't capitalize on scoring chances are what dug them their grave. Vancouver was outhit and outplayed, and they weren't able to retaliate well.

What Went Well:

- Horvat showed why we traded Schneider for him

- Lack won a playoff game

- Miller won a playoff game in the West

- McMillan scored a goal!!!

What Went Wrong:

- Luca's Pizzas sold like hotcakes

- Ferland got into our boys' heads

- Lack (and Miller) couldn't handle the pressure of playing in Calgary

- Vrbata and the Sedins almost dropped off the face of the earth

Of course, there's more to each list, but these were the things that stuck out to me the most. There were lessons to be learned, issues to be addressed in the offseason, and valuable experience gained for the likes of Horvat, Baertschi, and Lack.



Recommended Comments

We lost to a downright awful team because this team is still FAR from a winning formula.

The Canucks need to review what works again and soldier forward. I think Benning knows what it takes though.

I would not subscribe to the idea that Johnny Gaudreau types are what you need to get it done, for starters. I thought it was pathetic how the Canucks didn't even touch him all series long. That's not playoff hockey.

That being said, a better player in Tyler Johnson was available to a team that didn't even have to draft him. If you can get guys like this for absolutely no cost, then alright.

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The one time we did touch him (Johnny) with a shoulder to shoulder hit Burrows got a penalty and thrown out of the game. Because it was near the boards and Burrows we got a penalty. The hit was no where near as bad as others I have seen.

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The Flames faithful in King's Landing will be shaking in their boots when McDavid and the White Walkers come down from the north next season....winter is coming.

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