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Lawson Crouse - Draft Steal



Reblogged from - https://narwhalhockey.wordpress.com

Every once in a while a players falls in the draft and becomes a steal. This year the Florida Panthers pulled off the heist of the century when they drafted a 6’4 215 lb Canadian man beast with the 11th overall pick. The other teams were afraid they could not tame such raw power, but the Panthers took a courageous chance and The Crouse is now theirs to unleash on a frightened National Hockey league.

The Panthers probably thought they were just getting a mean power forward who could someday fill a top 6 role and occasionally wallop guys the size of Johnny Gaudreau. Little did they know they drafted the greatest goal scorer of our time. The second coming of Gretzky, but with the size of Lemieux.

How could someone possibly know this?

NHL 15.

Just look at the goal and point totals for this guy. It’s clearly evident that by the 2026/27 season, the Panthers will have the NHLs first 100 goal scorer. Not only that, but judging by his Playoff numbers, the Florida Panthers will have a dynasty that will save the franchise from relocating, just barely, then maybe later on they move somewhere cool, like Canada.

Seriously though. Don’t be surprised surprised if Crouse scores a hat trick in his first game, on his first shift, on his first shot.

The league just got a whole lot Scorier.

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Please, I had my be a pro on pace for 1000 points one season. And he was a defenseman.

In all seriousness though, while FLA is lucky to have Crouse drop to them, I think Connor to the Jets or Svechnikov to the Wings will be bigger steals.

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I agree he is a good player but 100 goals??I got that with making a player and games are so not close to being real!

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