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Washington Cupitals



Reblogged from: https://narwhalhockey.wordpress.com

I hate puns but couldn’t think of anything better.

This week I got followed by former NHL enforcer and current vegan Georges Laraque on Twitter. The Green Men, and Carolina Hurricanes player Zach Boychuk also followed me recently (they follow everyone, I’m not special) and I thought I should finally plug my twitter on my next blog, which is now.

It’s just @NarwhalHockey

I should also finally start this blog off, which is now.

What a time to be a Caps fan. They made some solid moves at the draft and free agent frenzy, and are looking like serious contenders. If there’s one team that can win the cup next year that previously hasn’t, I think that team is the Washington Capitals. They already went half way last year, but I think they can do better this coming season (Full way!) There are 4 players in particular who I feel will lead the Caps deep into the playoffs next year, and if you keep reading (totally worth it) you’ll find out who.

Player 1:
Post Beard Braden Holtby – Ever since growing a beard, this guys numbers have been off the charts. He keeps getting better in the playoffs every year, and I don’t see his numbers dropping unless he shaves (his face). The amount of pre game work this guy puts in is admirable and I want to see him and his beard be a success in this league. I also want full credit on the Pre/Post Beard advanced stats when someone finally uses them.

Player 2:
Grey Beard Ovechkin – I’m going all in with the beard fancy stats. They say with grey hair comes wisdom, Ovechkin say with grey hair comes goals and plus/minus. “The Caveman” (Sorry if that’s not your real nickname) Ovechkin put up better goals and plus/minus than last year and I could see that paying off with him doing it again then tearing it up in the playoffs, like he tears up the english language. He was also funny at the All Star Game Draft.


Player 3:
T.J. Oshie – Oshie doesn’t have a cool beard like Ovechkin or Holtby, but I feel like he will help, possibly, if he grows a cool beard, like Ovechkin, or Holtby.

Player 4:
Tom Hanks – Actor Tom Hanks looks just like Justin Williams (I think so) who is the actual 4th player on my list. Justin Williams is gonna bring playoff experience and clutch game 7 performances that will help counter game 7 losses to teams like the New York Rangers. Who as of late end up losing in the finals or conference finals anyways. Maybe if Kreider spent LESS time running into goalies, they (NYR) would spend MORE time in the playoffs. Take that, Kreider!

So watch out for the Capitals next year. They could easily become a powerhouse with these new additions and solid defence/goaltending. Let’s hope they don’t Cast Away (Sorry) all the competition.

Note - I tried to work in a joke about Head Coach Barry Trotz seemingly having no neck (head coach because he can’t be the neck coach) but it didn’t go with anything. I apologize for not getting that in, and to Barry Trotz’ neck, I know you’re there, lurking, helping Barry swallow food.

Also Note – If Tom Hanks had a twin brother and they played on the same team like the Sedins, the back of his sweater would just say Thanks.

Tom Hanks for reading.

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LOL @ THanks... another great blog, been waiting for some new material :)
Appreciate the patient waiting! And... THanks!
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It seems Finance Dallas is also following you lol. Great article once again!

T.Hanks! Finance Dallas is my least favourite follower, haha.

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