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Lowered expectations



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I implore you to temporarily muck all that media and message board hype out of that skull and take an honest look at this edition of the Canucks. Done now? Okay.

Exactly why were folks so bloody high on this team to start the season? Was it just me or were even the most bitter, yellowed Canucks haters calling this the best team this franchise has seen? Even Tony G – that bastion of searing Canucks vitriol - was calling Mike Gillis team a legitimate playoff contender.

No way.

Ehrhoff, yeah, he's good. Better than Ohlund? Yeah, probably. But what else changed on the back end? Willie is no faster and no less likely to fire a puck up the boards in the dying moments of a crucial playoff game. Bieksa is no bigger, nor any more able to clear the front of his crease. Edler meaner? No.

Up front this team has only gotten smaller and less skilled. Granted, they don't have to deal with Demitra's messes, but they also have zero semblance of a second line. Kesler, Raymond and whatever else AV has inked in beside them simply isn't good enough. The Flames have more offensive upside than this team and that's solely because they have Renee Bourque.

And the Twins – oh god the poor Twins – they still don't have a winger. And I'm beginning to think they never will. John Leclair? Cam Neely? Dan f-ing Heatley for chistsakes. Anyone with some size, smarts and finish. Anson – I heart Europe – Carter was able to pop 30+ for the twins and was out of the league two years later. What does that tell you? Stay with me here… They can turn poop into gold. Imagine what they could do with some lead; lead that planted itself in the crease and kept its stick on the ice.

And then there's Lui. What of Luongo? He's not a bad goalie. He's a very good goalie even. Certainly capable of getting hot at the right time just like anyone else. BUT, can any team really afford to spend $7 + million a year between the pipes when guys like Cam Ward and Chris Osgood can carry a team further for a fraction of the cost? I would say not.

Too small. Too soft. Not skilled enough to play an offensive game and not gritty enough to play a grinding defensive game. And too expensive in the crease to fix what ails them.


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I have been reading for years on CDC how the experts predicted the canucks to go 0-82 so any game they win 'exceeds expectations'

But then if you dont BELIEVE then you are a bandwagon fan huh.gif

What I personally claimed is what I still claim. The canucks have very good goaltending, the deepest D in the league and basically the reason we are 11 and 10 are three things :

1) inconsistent goaltending

2) devastating injuries to key personnel. Notably Daniel Sedin

3) The play of our third line, notably the lack of production from Kyle Wellwood and lesser extend Steve Bernier.

We can contend for the stanley cup if we can bolster our third line, get Daniel Healthy , and get a second liner for Keslers line.

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I couldnt agree more. Hockey teams need Skill,Grit and a little mean streak.

We have a team that is softer than dog crap on a rainy day. We have one top 6 forward that can actually play tough, and create chances in Traffic.

We only have 2 mean defencemen, and only one of them gets decent minutes.

I fall asleep watching the games. The last game against Colorado was actually fun, not because they ran up the score, but beacuse they shot the puck off the rush, and banged in rebounds(instead of the cycle ,that causes instant REM sleep in most fans)....watch some highlites from other teams, and you will see what real hockey games look like.

RANT OVER! But , IM a fan for life what can I do...

Pray for some trades? Are there any teams that want 2 soft,slow skilled guys on the same line?

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Yep. Grit and a mean streak is what propelled Detroit to two straight Cup finals. Right?

Stupid article. But then again, it's Canucks.com, so who's surprised?

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In terms of an assesment of the 09-10 Canucks you are pretty much dead on.

Although stating anything like this in the message boards will get you scorched by all of the tools on there.

One or two comments about Luongo,s performance and I suddenly have a -14 rating. The moderators on that message board are the very worst in the league, and as such the Canucks message board is the worst in the league.

It's a pity because I love the team and have followed them since thier first game in the league.

The way that the moderators let that crap go on makes me queasy


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