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Proud... As Always

Nancy Henderson



<img src=http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2007/07/hendersonblog.gif align=left hspace=4>Will it be splendidly emblematic of everything we stand for here in Canuck Land, or will it be Buffalo banana slug ugly? That will be the question when the local hockey faithful finally get to clap eyes on the brand new team jersey.

I find it rather amusing that men whose typical, carefully-considered sartorial routine consists of grabbing the cleanest t-shirt and pants off the floor, manage to get so whipped up about what their team’s jersey looks like. Message boards abound with debate and we haven’t even seen the garment in question yet.

I will go on record as having neither adored nor despised any of the past Canucks products. I have adored (and on rare occasions, despised) some players wearing the jersey, but not the jersey itself. I have owned at least one piece of clothing from each era, including the so-called “Halloween Jersey”. In fact, I remember actually liking the bold colours when they first appeared. Now when I flip through my ancient Canuck calendars and see those jerseys, I just feel a fond nostalgia.

I think the stick in the rink logo has a spartan elegance that stands the test of time, and the current take on the vintage design, with its lovely cool blue and green colours, looks mighty sharp on the boys. I would say it’s my favourite. A graphic designer friend of mine offered a rant about the skate logo, and what a muddled, messy, difficult to read design it was. Maybe, but I still love to wear my old Canucks jacket emblazoned with that logo to games, possibly because I associate it with the beloved 1994 team.

So, in the current spirit of anticipation and hysteria, I’d like to offer up a couple of takes:

<img src=http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2007/07/cowan01_t.jpg align=right hspace=4>Lingerie tossing is soooo 1970s. But I was rather hoping the leopard print underwear incident would result in a few, brave male hockey fans showing up at the rink sporting bras. So, in honour of our newly re-acquired tough guy and ersatz scoring sensation, Jeff Cowan:

I have always thought the killer whale was good symbol for the Canucks – we are really the only team in the NHL where an orca is an appropriate logo (the cetaceans, like hockey fans, cannot really be considered residents of California). But maybe we need a different critter. We seem to be stocking up on pesky, irritating players, what with Cookie, Burr and the recently acquired Byron Ritchie. So maybe we should consider the mighty mosquito, whose incessant whining could also be considered an homage to some local sport media and so-called fans.

I’m looking forward to seeing the fresh design. But, no matter what the new Canucks look it, I’m sure that I will wear it…proudly…as always.


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