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re Montreal Loss Mar 10




Three things for Canucks to focus on after loss to MC Mar 10th.


Defensively the Canucks need to take out opposition players in our end.  Edler was the only defenseman consistently hitting Montreal Forwards.  The rest pretty much let the Canadian Forwards skate with the puck in our end.  We gave them way too much apace. Start hitting and pinning those forwards and holding them until we can gain control.  If it means third man gets the puck so be it, the first two Canucks need to stick one guy each and pin them.  Tyler Meyers needs to hit the weights so that he is strong enough to pin somebody.  Hughes has way too much ice time, not big enough to tie up any forward on the opposition and they know they can easily knock him off the puck and have the second man gain possession.  Hughes too much ice time gets tired and makes rookie mistakes. 

Myers needs to go back to camp to learn how to manage a two on one.  Two goals in two games by the opposition on Myers inability to play a two on one.  Take somebody out of the equation to help the goalie.  All the defense men need to hit more, particularly Tyler,  who can use his size to advantage.


Drive to the net with the puck more often.  Goes for Pettersson too when he is back. When the Canucks are winning they are driving the net, getting traffic in front of the net and shooting the puck on the net.  Far too many outside, long range shots with no traffic and far too many shots miss the net completely.  We need to work harder at getting the puck to the front of the net even if it is rolling it to the net.  It is what Horvat does well but not enough times of late and not from enough of the others.  Virtanen has been fun to watch lately because he is starting to do it more.  Keep it up Jake. 


Shoot more and hit the net more.  Play every powerplay with urgency.  The five on three the Canucks had was pathetic.  Everything looked like, no urgency, slow passes nobody wanted to shoot, nobody wanted to get down low and screen or cause trouble for Price in front.  Any WHL team would of had a better effort and powerplay than our pros showed.  Really sad effort boys.



1) start hitting and getting possession in our end. Play Quinn Hughes less. Teach Tyler 2 on 1.

2) start  driving the net more, get traffic in front

3) start shooting more, hit the net more.



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