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Boo to the "Woo!"




<img src="http://nhluploads.invisionzone.com/canucks/1260870440/gallery_58911_38_2371.jpg" class="imageFloatLeftFramed">Ok, I know what you're going to say. People are having fun with it, so what's the big deal? The Canucks game presentation folks recently came up with a new goal celebration, with a recorded "Woo!" being played after every Canucks goal and the fans then repeat the recording.

Now having grown up with the growth of the WWF/WWE culture, I can't help but hate this post goal celebration. This isn't wrestling, it's Canucks hockey. I'm such a wet blanket.

Now the folks at the Canucks assure me it's David Lee Roth from Van Halen fame in the recording and not the wrestler Ric Flair, which makes me hate it a little less being a fan of the band, but I digress. Flair could likely be considered the father of "woo", and as he states his "wooing" came to be born in th 70's. It's 2010 people.

Now to get some idea what it sounds like in GM Place after a goal these days, watch this video

Now this doesn't just happen after a goal, it's starting to happen during the play. It's happening in the washrooms, in concession lines and as you walk back to your car after the game. It sounds like your surrounded by a bunch of cats in heat, or by hyenas.

I say no more "WOO!". Hey, we could mock our opponents after a goal with Nelson from The Simpsons


Or wiggle our thumbs along with Mr. Burns:

But no, I shall not "wooo!" I can't do it, and I don't want my fellow Canucks fans to do it! Do we want to be lumped in with wrestling fans? Surely as Vancouver hockey fans we can come up with a better celebration, after all, we are the creators of towel power!

Thank you for your time…we now return you to your regularly scheduled WWE event.



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So the one time our fans actually start making some noise and having fun at the game, you want them to stop?! Pathetic. I'ma keep woo'ing as long as it keeps GM Place loud. :D


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To correct you somewhat - the "WOOOO" isn't meant to mock our opponents. It's to get the fans involved by a loud and resounding show of support for OUR GUYS. Something you can never have too much of. The harder it is for the opposition to play at the Garage the better. This year's been going great at home, and the fans have a lot to do with that.


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