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Henrik's Eye for Art




With a convincing 4-1 win over the upstart Phoenix Coyotes, the Vancouver Canucks moved closer to accomplishing something they've never done before - having a major trophy winner.


With 6 games remaining, Henrik Sedin has 104 points to lead the NHL in that category (Photo by Canadian Press/ Darryl Dyck)

However coveted the Art Ross trophy (player to amass the most points in NHL in one season) may be, one of the contenders is downplaying it's importance. "I really think the franchise is looking for and screaming for the Stanley Cup. So I really don't think individual awards mean too much compared to the other", said Henrik Sedin to the media throng after practice Monday.

Following Tuesdays action, Henrik (104 pts) has a 3 point lead on Washingtons Alex Ovechkin (101 pts), both with 6 games remaining. Ovechkin recorded an assist as the Capitals lost in overtime to the Ottawa Senators. Henrik scored his 29th of the season and added an assist for each of his linemates' goals, for 3 points in total.


Daniel Sedin deflects a dazzling behind the back spin-around pass from twin, Henrik to beat Coyotes' Ilya Bryzgalov

"Right now, I don't want to think about it and I'm not thinking about it," said the modest Ornskoldsvik center. "I mean, I know if I play good enough, I'm going to get points and then how far that goes, that's up to other guys, too. I think you still have to look back at the season and be proud of what you've done. Even if I'm still at 101 points after the next seven games, I think this town and this team are looking for another trophy."

Vancouver_Canucks_v_9959.jpgThe Sedin twins and the Canucks are more interested in team success than personal achievements

Most hockey pundits will quickly point out that with a half dozen regular season games remaining, anything is possible - especially as it relates to Alex Ovechkin. During the loss to the Senators, A.O. played nearly 29 minutes, and is being given every opportunity to succeed. In contrast, though the game didn't go to the extra 5 minute session, Henrik played only 21:33. His season average per game is only 19:30 per game, whereas Ovechkin racks up 21:48 on average.


Could Alexander Ovechkin have another Art Ross trophy to add to his trophy case following the next six games?

Of the remaining schedules, it's difficult to say who has the tougher schedule. Vancouver has back to back games on Thursday and Friday versus the L.A. Kings and the Anaheim Ducks respectively. The Capitals next two opponents are the Atlanta Thrashers and the Columbus Blue Jackets, but also have back to back games coming up against Boston and Pittsburgh.

At the end of the day, personal accolades are on the line, but there is a much larger picture Henrik Sedin and the Canucks are focusing on. While it would be nice for the team to boast the league's leading point producer, it would be tough to find solace in that were they to bow out in the first round of the playoffs.


Henrik Sedin - Dangerous With Daniel Sedin - Very Dangerous Daniel says Henrik playing with other players while he was injured (18 games) made Henrik a more complete athlete (All photos courtesy of Yardbarker)

However the scenario plays out, Canucks fans have been treated to something special this season. The beauty of it all is that both Daniel and Henrik have been signed to long term contracts. They love playing here, and have made magic both on and off the ice... And some some rewards just can't be set inside of trophy cases.


Mason Raymond tips a shot Tuesday night, but Ilya Bryzgalov makes the save. Raymond scored his 24th earlier in the (first) period (Photo: The Canadian Press/ Darryl Dyck)

With files from The Canadian Press, Yardbarker, and the Vancouver Sun

Larenzo Jensen



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The year of the Bertuzzi incident, the Province newspaper had Naslund hoisting the Stanley Cup at the start of the year.

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Isn't the Pearson technically a "major award"?

My thoughts exactly, but all the same I'd love to see Hank's trophy rack get stacked with a hart, an art ross and most importantly a stanly cup!

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I thought the Jack Adams ( Pat Quinn & AV) and Rookie of the Year ( Bure )were major awards .... and of course the Lester Pearson too (NazzY)

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Isn't the Pearson technically a "major award"?

Sorry, 'Schneider's Teeth', I guess I should have qualified that statement a little better. But realistically, there are a few pieces of hardware that would seem more coveted by the players in the NHL. I would say that the Hart Trophy, Art Ross Trophy, Vezina, Norris and the Conn Smythe (outside of Lord Stanley's holy grail) are of most interest to them, thereby giving them "major" status. A lot of hockey pundits can tell you who won the Hart Trophy three years ago, but are hard-pressed to tell you who won the Lester B. Pearson, or say, the Lady Byng trophy. Again, I appologize for not 'setting the table' a little better. Thanks for reading, and I love getting down and technical with avid hockey fans, so keep the comments coming!

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I thought the Jack Adams ( Pat Quinn & AV) and Rookie of the Year ( Bure )were major awards .... and of course the Lester Pearson too (NazzY)

Hey NazzY;

Please refer to my comments to Schneider's Teeth... the Jack Adams (best coach) and the Calder (rookie of the year) are indeed major awards, but unfortunately the Calder trophy comes with a caveat, as a good number of players that have won that award have tailed off after (winning) that. There are a few examples I could give here, but I think of the Sergei Samsonov's of the league, that were unable to keep up that level of play. Bure did go on to play excellent hockey until his knee problems prohibited him from maintaining his torrid goal-scoring pace. Even our own Andrew Raycroft was unable to maintain the dizzying heights he had reached as a rookie. He's not alone, as last season Steve Mason almost single-handedly propelled the Blue Jackets into the playoffs, but hit the 'sophomore jinx' as it were. Barret Jackman also received the honor, but in my mind, couldn't maintain that elevated level of play. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your feedback, so keep it coming, Canuck Fan!

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The year of the Bertuzzi incident, the Province newspaper had Naslund hoisting the Stanley Cup at the start of the year.

Heh heh... As soon as I saw the picture, I wondered if there might be some reaction from readers. To be frank, the pictures in the article were inserted by me, but the page header (as I'm a featured writer in the Fanzone) was created by the excellent staff working for Canucks.com

I'm here first and foremost to bring statistical information to life, and to try and accompany that with some words and pictures. Being Canucks fans, it's always going to be in the back of our minds: Not having hoisted the Stanley Cup. I'd be the last person to try and jinx the Canucks or any personal awards candidates such as Henrik Sedin. You'll never hear me use the "S" word in the third period when Luongo has the opposing team blanked on the scoresheet. But if a Canuck is leading a trophy race with half a dozen games to go, you can bet this journalist will be writing about it, come hell or high water. I'm not defending the picture the Province had, but I think looking back on it now it's one of those tongue-in-cheek moments, where someone is trying to either a) generate newspaper sales or B) create some controversy, which always stirs mixed reaction. They say there is no such thing as "bad press", so I guess I should be smiling to see so many responses to my last article. Enjoy the rest of the ride, Whalleykid!

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