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Getting Ready for Round 2

Mascot Fin



<img src="http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2008/01/fin_blog.jpg" class="imageFloatRightFramed">Okay okay I am self-confessed BAD blogger. Sorry for the lack of blog submissions but I will try to be a little more frequent!

Anyways, lots happening in Canuckland these days!! The first round series against LA Kings was fun for me. Party on the Plaza has been a great time to interact with fans and the band, Dr. Strangelove, play some great tunes!

I brought out Green FIN on Game 5 to have a little fun with the Green Men, I think I caught them by surprise. Good times but was pretty hot... so I only wore it for the 2nd period which was long enough.

I really enjoy the band, The Odds, during the games as they rock the joint along with DJ Dave’s song selections.

Yesterday, I participated in the proclamation of Canucks Day at City Hall and gave the Mayor one of my signature bites... he is a pretty easy-going guy!

I am really enjoying the atmosphere in Vancouver as the city embraces the playoffs and I just want to remind everyone to CELEBRATE RESPONSIBLY! GO CANUCKS GO!



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