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Yann Sauve detailed in newest article

Robin Keith Thompson


I have gone over some of the details of Yann Sauve's development as he progressed with the Saint John Sea Dogs (QMJHL) this season. He had a strong playoff and is looking to join the Canucks, not the Manitoba Moose (AHL) come training camp.

I have just joined this network but have written extensive articles on my website:


Vancouver's defense core may look the part of a wounded animal licking its wounds right now, but there is help on the way. Much of it is rejuvenation is in the purest form, youth. General manager Mike Gillis was busy during the stretch-run and playoffs with signings that are going to make a world of difference in re-making this club's blueline, both with the Manitoba Moose (AHL) and on the ice at GM Place. It appears that Vancouver's scouting was abroad and came back with a few gems in their pockets.

On 31 May 2010 the Canucks announced the signings of three young defenseman; 2008's 2nd-round pick Yann Sauvé, Rochester Institute of Technology standout rookie Chris Tanev, and Lee Sweatt, a graduate of Colorado College (NCAA) who has spent time in the KHL, Austrian League, and Finnish Elite League in the past three seasons. The focus of this particular article will be Sauve, as he stands the greatest chance of making an impact at the National Hockey League level right away and gives me a chance to dig up further information on the free-agent ink spent on Tanev and Sweatt.

Sauvé was a keystone part of a Saint John Sea Dogs (QMJHL) team that established club records in most every category that counts, wins. This bodes well to the young defenseman's future. Few have ever brought the 20-year-old's steadiness on the defensive side of the puck into question, it was his decision-making with the puck that mingled into the equation for many.

In his draft year of 2008, the following comments were typical of the regression Sauve was said to have made, perhaps from the unfair superstar status that came with previously being the #1 overall pick in the 2006 QMJHL draft:

"From TSN: The big, strong, physical blueliner who models his game on Dion Phaneuf's is sometimes too aggressive for his own good, taking himself out of position, but he is most certainly a work in progress. One of his claims to fame is that he fought Steven Stamkos in the CHL Prospects game. He started this season as a projected first rounder but will have to improve his decision-making to get back to that status.

From NHL Central Scouting: Yann is a defenceman who, when he is on, can be one of the best defencemen in all the Quebec League and all of junior hockey. With continued development and maturity, as well as experience on when to dish the puck and when not to dish the puck, projects to be a solid defenceman. He needs to improve on a little bit of poise and calmness with the puck. He is good with the puck but sometimes gives it away too abruptly and it results in turnovers."

Fast forward to 2010 and he has increased his point totals every season with Saint John (36 pts with 7 goals this year) and was even a +42 this season. He now holds the team record for games played with 251 and sits sixth in franchise scoring, second among defenders with 102 points (trailing Pittsburgh Penguins' 2007 draftee Alex Grant).

The Rigaud, Quebec-born defender set his personal bar highest this season, nabbing the Defensive Player of the Week honours from 19-25 October 2009, was named the Scholastic Player of the Month in November 2009, and appeared in the Subway Super Series for the Quebec League against Russia. The team enjoyed a strong playoffs, reaching the QMJHL Final, though they lost out on a trip to the Memorial Cup with a 7-4 loss in Game #6 to the Moncton Wildcats. Sauvé recorded a goal and an assist in that loss and had an immense post-season, tallying five goals and 10 assists in their 21 contests.

Turning his sights on the Vancouver Canucks for the coming season, Sauvé is looking to make an impression come training camp. "I know that my role is going to be a shut-down guy," he said during an interview (source is towards end of page). "I think I'm ready to go to the next level, the pro level," he confidently stated. His head coach Gerard Gallant believes that the adjustment period should be easier for him to adapt to heading into pro hockey because of his size, skating, and booming shot. Gallant himself had a marvelous career in the NHL and has coached the Columbus Blue Jackets and New York Islanders before heading to Saint John. "I think the role they look at him as is being the solid guy that doesn't make many mistakes in the D-zone and clears the front of the net and kills a lot of penalties and the guy you count on in the last minutes of a hockey game," Gallant glowed. "He will definitely be a top player some day for them."

While conventional thinking places him with the Manitoba Moose right away, there is thought that his presence could be seen in a Canucks' uniform very soon.

Have a look and read up on the Yann Sauve article on my blog at:


Take care hockey enthusiasts.

Robin Keith Thompson


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Good read thanks a ton. wink.gif

Hopefully he lives up to the expectations made by his coach.

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I appreciate your article. Please do not take this as an attack, but I find your writing style to be a little too 'wordy'. For example, the reader knows 'wounded' animals have 'wounds' to lick. I believe this article would be more reader friendly if you 'pruned' abit during the editing process.

But thankyou for taking the time to inform me of Sauve, as this is something I am interested in knowing about.

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in your article you claim you know about tanev and the other fellow and then say you need time to dig up info? If you don't have info then you can't really claim the nucks signed some 'gems'.

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in your article you claim you know about tanev and the other fellow and then say you need time to dig up info? If you don't have info then you can't really claim the nucks signed some 'gems'.
He is obviously talking about who he thinks the Canucks might be targeting in this years draft when he refers to "gems". Tanev and the other guy have already been signed and it is obvious from the way the article was worded, he was not talking about them. But if he was it was a poorly worded article. He should also have said possible "gems". Otherwise it was a helpful and informative read.
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Perhaps my analogy at the onset was unclear.

420Fish (great name) thank you for the input, I do not take offense and even stand appreciative to the fact you would take the few moments out of your busy day to respond. I guess 'Thewordbird' should be a little wordy.

I will however be bringing you some more in depth coverage of the two college kids (Tanev and Sweatt) as the summer progresses and we have had a chance to get to know these two a little better, especially their performances at prospects' camp.

Thank you for the suggestions and valuable critiques. I hope many more had a good time with the read.

Robin Keith Thompson


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They will undoubtedly need to uncover a 'gem' or two to make this a productive draft. It will be very interesting how they act with only one pick in the top 100. Exciting stuff; I always love the draft.

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