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Robin Keith Thompson



As the drama that continues to be the Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes ownership and possible relocation saga unfolds, another nasty little detail comes out 'in the wash' at the close of last month.

While it took me a few days to collaborate some of the details surrounding the management issues, I realize that the release of Doug Moss as President and COO of the franchise (since 2002) is just another red flag as the team is paving the way now for the Ice Edge Holdings prospective ownership group.

The current owners (the league itself) thanked Moss for his service and stated that he was leaving 'to pursue other business interests'. That does not seem like something one would do just a day after appearing with GM Don Maloney on the 'Yotes official webpage to do an open question-and-answer session with the fans of the hockey club.

There is movement in the desert and in order to do so...the league had to clear the moss.

6 July 2010 / Robin Keith Thompson

Read more about this on my blog: http://prosportsblog...or/thewordbird/ or work your way over to Chiller Instinct to get the low down: http://chillerinstinct.com/



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