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Hello fellow Tryamkin fans. This club has been put up to support and call Nikita back to the Canucks. Your membership in this club counts as a personal request to Jim Benning to get Nikita Tryamkin back. This is for fans of Nikita, negative posts will be erased, constructive criticism can be discussed, and should be embraced. Support is what is sought. It is time to Call Nikita back from the homeland! Remember, membership is a vote for Nikita to come back!...………...Everyone is welcome! And maybe Nikita reads our support!
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  2. Things have changed a little bit since I made this club......
  3. March 2019. Sportsnet 650: "Nikita had a solid season, the team in Russia performed extremely well in the KHL. His numbers were down, but his games shouldn't be defined by goals and assists."  "I don't think he struggled. His ice time was a minute less than it was last year, but it was a deeper team. They were trying to accomplish a lot this year."  "We discussed a return to the NHL not too recently. I believe there is interest for him to come back. He wasn't as mature as he is now. Hopefully, he will come back to the NHL shortly." 
  4. Hey, I just tried to go back to the main CDC and ended up quitting the club! So I re-joined and hope this bumps up activity as there are only about a half-dozen posts. How does this "club" stuff work anyway? Next year: Edler - Tanev Hughes - Tryamkin Juolevi - Stetcher Hutton - Schenn Juolevi - Teves We need a dozen D-Men to ice a solid 6 or 7 every game. Waiting in the wings/traded/cut: Biega Pouliot McEneny Chatfield Sautner Brisebois Woo Utanen Rathbone Gunnarsson E
  5. If you can get 112 members I'll plant a tree in your honour.

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