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A club for Victoria Royals fans, fourth largest club in CDC! Let's go Royals!
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  2. Royals suck, ownership doesn't care. That is my final post for this club.
  3. The 2019-2020 team roster will be posted here once released.
  4. Instead of individual GDT & PGT threads for all the Victoria Royals games, all game-related talk for the regular season can be done here. https://victoriaroyals.com/article/royals-announce-2019-20-regular-season-schedule
  5. I remember seeing him get hit awkwardly into the boards if I remember correctly. I'm assuming it's a shoulder injury. Here's the WHL weekly report:
  6. Yeah, still trying to find out what he injured. They did great against the Wheat Kings with Outhouse back, so as long as they keep playing the way they do with him in, should be a couple more wins. I honestly thought with Phillips, Soy and Reddenkop gone this year they'd struggle , but man, they're still a strong team. Some of the games I swear the NHL has told the refs that they're the Canucks lol.
  7. Thanks for the thread! Royals have back-to-back games in Portland coming up, should be a couple of great games. It will be tough with one of their best players Hannoun being out injured though.
  8. Hi. Thanks for the add btw. I thought I'd start up a topic for simple chat and such. As a Royals season ticket holder, it's fun hockey to watch live. The group I sit with are awesome. So let's get to talking. Go Royals Go.


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