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  2. If Petey gets an offer sheet, I wonder if he'd even sign it to hamstring the Nucks? My feeling is there's a chance he wouldn't.
  3. New Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay trailer:
  4. That would be a decent plan if we could wrangle it. Definitely Myers would be the one to expose if we used up expansion slots... but realistically we only have Schmidt who would be a good bet to actually get selected. Seattle should have a lot of quality D to choose from, so getting one in Myers that is overpaid (even if it is only by a million dollars or so) who would likely only be good enough for their 3rd pairing doesn't seem too likely. I saw Buffalo commenters on some Risto threads who really don't expect much from him... like a 3rd round pick and/or a middling prospect. His value
  5. I like that. Jurmo and our 2021 first to New Jersey for Jack Hughes?
  6. So was Hitler. And Stalin. And Genghis Kahn. They "just" got it wrong too.
  7. Boeser had 23 on a team that was raked through the coals with Covid. I did wish that Toffoli was resigned, but he was brought in last year to fill the gap for Boeser who was out with injury.
  8. Yeah, just like the Canucks: when the opposing coach makes there in game adjustments, the Habs struggled - the game of chess or checkers in our case; hope Shaw is good at chess (?).
  9. Me too, or at the least a C. The Canucks need Cs and Ds, but Lysell seems to be a Benning type pick. Smaller player with tons of skill and speed. my hope is, actually: 1. Lucius (Canucks need a good C, with decent size, more than anything) 2. Sillinger 3. Edvinsson (I have a feeling he'll be more like Myers and less like Hedman) 4. Lambos (injury dropped him, but he's good) Lysell and Johnson may be super skilled, but I would prefer the Canucks target tougher players with skill/speed. All about playoffs, eventually.
  10. The top Canuck players are all young. Hoglander was a rookie. Podkolzin hasn’t even arrived yet. Pettersson was injured half the year. Boeser got 23 goals. Only 5 short of Toffoli’s once in a lifetime year. Bo was at 19 goals. Miller was his usual self almost at an 80 point pace. Are you suggesting these are bad numbers? Not to mention they all got COVID with 20 games left to play. I’m not concerned at all with the forward group moving forward. Same with the goaltending. Demko is already better than Price. It’s the defence that needs fixing. That’s why Benning brought in Brad Shaw
  11. Some players I think could go higher than #9: Power Beniers Eklund Wallstedt Hughes Clarke McTavish Guenther Just have this feeling we're getting Lysell
  12. MTL looked pretty good for the first 10-12 minutes, you can see how Vegas might really struggle against Tampa or NYI who will be able to play that way for a full 60.
  13. lets give this a little more time. Maybe this motives him and he finds his game in Utica.
  14. Today
  15. Issue I see with Ferland returning is we are still a soft team and Ferland is probably the best stick up for your teammate player we have. If we don't add a little more of that Ferland may feel he needs to do it himself and end right back up on LTIR. Ferland when in the line up adds an element we sorely need, just have to think about the person here though, I would rather him see his family grow up while he is somewhat healthy than risk another concussion
  16. we're assuming that we can get someone as good to replace him... thats a big risk. Its easier to find left side d so for me, I'd be exposing Nate if we have to choose which veteran to dangle to Seattle. The slide rule gang calling Myers "replacement level" is hilarious. Sure, lets replace Myers with Chatfield or Stecher, thats gonna work.
  17. You should stop listening to them talk. For starters, there's no such thing as "clones". Every player is unique. Most comparisons are close to useless, and even the good ones only give you a rough semblance that is only useful for getting a first impression. I wouldn't say Clarke is "big and mean", but he has a real physical element to his game. We didn't get to see it much in Slovakia this year, as he is still pretty slim and a little physically overwhelmed against adult pro athletes, and I didn't see much of it at U18s either, not exactly sure why, but last year in junior he was a pretty sig
  18. Oy. My man. You're old enough to remember the Bertuzzi incident but you still think NHL teams make decisions at the draft based on positional need? How does that happen? You've been watching hockey for a while but never paid much attention to the draft?
  19. Going home to Denver Colorado back to Burnaby Joe where it all began for him.
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