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  2. Hey man I hope so too. I just don't see it. I'd be surprised if he accomplished what Eichel has at this point in his career.
  3. I don't think they need to do that, I think the effort level is there. They just don't seem to know what they're doing.
  4. 5-2 Blackhawks Kirby Dach GWG Canucks more shots than Blackhawks
  5. If the Canucks don’t tighten up defensively and start playing a full 60 minutes for a majority of their games they are going to find themselves in a hole by the quarter mark of the season they are going to have a hard time climbing out of. The whole didn’t play well enough tonight narrative we hear too often doesn’t cut it. The players need to buy in to what they are being coached and start executing it or find a new coach who can get the most out of this group. Give it a few more games before making any real judgment but so far the on ice product looks eerily similar to last season.
  6. we now have a speedy team, but they don't coach them to play speedy. bring back the last coach that coached that way.... bring back the Crow
  7. Team is losing the same way it was at low points of last season. It's not the team/players, it's the system/coaching. Last night I saw: -couldn't win possession on ANY key faceoff -PK stinks, no pressure on opposition (and Buffalo is good at turning it over if you force the issue) -PP same tic tac toes to Petey one timer or Horvat down low. Same crap drop pass. Can't get zone entry. No creativity or hard work -D doesn't give a crap about their goalie getting peppered -sloppy changes. Surprised we didn't get another too many men call -poor low percentage passes -fail to recover key turnovers and convert or even complete a pass for that matter. - They really did nothing right, and the talent level on the team is not performing to where it should. That's 100% a coaching problem. And don't give me the "on the road" needed more practice time excuse. Green had plenty of preseason games to get the team together. He just blew it, that's all!
  8. If they do make a change, it'll probably be for a veteran hard-ass type in an attempt to roll some heads in the locker room. As if it's 2013/14 all over again lol.
  9. The biggest issue I have especially when people say it's early and not to worry is that it's actually not early this is a 3 year continuation of the same thing. Evey one gets caught up in in the bubble, but we weren't going to make the playoffs that season without the stoppage. The team has been inconsistent ever since the bubble. Even the bubble strategy was to maybe capitalize on our goaltending and Powerplay. So for myself watching the exact same thing over and over with different players is why I do think something needs to change
  10. Say that again in 5 years. Him and hughes will be rewriting our record book
  11. Coach Cam in the house! How a regular fan can set the lines better than the coach is beyond me... I agree. I wanted Juolevi but even Bowey showed better than Schenn and Hunt. I liked Hunt pre season by the way. Although I do admit staff was correct on Burroughs. He has been a good surprise.
  12. Hiring two AHL coaches that unsurprisingly failed is not on the GM? What medal did you win at the mental gymnastics event?
  13. Petey and Brock spent way too much time last yr trying to pad eachothers stats. It was so obvious that it became cringe. It was a factor in how lousy that line played last yr. I would like to see Petey with Hogz and Podz. Let them loose.
  14. Best player we ever had lol. Pettersson isn't even the best player on our current roster.
  15. Come of beat Detroit like 6-2 against? Detroit had a very very hot goalie shots were 41--21 for Vancouver.. Now Buffalo was a team that never showed up....
  16. CoachTG Outcoached Doesn't quite have the same ring as GMMG out GM'd lol
  17. But the fans will tell themselves its because petey and hughes missed camp and boeser was injured. Aquaman knows as long as their marketing keep hyping up some of these players, fans who dont know better will keep buying.
  18. So you would trade one of if not the best player we have ever had for a player who still has yet to have the surgery that might allow him to regain his form and a chance at a lottery pick. Lets be real, even if buffalo finished last we most likely wont be picking first, thats just our luck. Plus it would severely hurt the chemistry we have in the locker room and set this rebuild back a couple years. Do you think boeser is going to be happy if his friend is gone and our team has another horrible season? I wouldnt be surprised if he walked after that.
  19. If hockey was your skill domain, you would be coaching in the NHL, where the player you have a problem with earns his living.
  20. This is the part we as fans don't know. Is it the system or the lack of execution? Bieksa said something interesting last season when dissecting the Canucks PP. He talked up Newell Brown and said he was one of the top PP coaches in the league and pretty much said the poor PP was lack of execution. I don't think we have a bunch of dummies playing for us. If it's lack of execution what is the problem? The players don't know how to make a pass or are they not intelligent enough to follow instructions? I find both hard to believe. We have a skilled fast team and the guys seem intelligent. Is the PP supposed to be stationary or are the coaches telling them to move to certain spaces but Elias is set on standing at the face of circle poised for the one timer despite the coach telling him to skate?
  21. I must be kidding myself. I think QH will be a star and a #1. He is still young./
  22. maybe its not so much Green as it is the quality of his assistant coaches? the only two doing a good job are Ian Clark and so far it looks like Shaw has brought improvements, and neither of them came up with Green. He's relying on the guys he came up with through the AHL in Baumner and King for defensive and special teams and its not panning out. There must be better options out there for the bench.
  23. Canucks are a much better team and will be a playoff team... I don't like Green using Miller as 3rd line centre when the 1st line is not on track.. We have not had a physical team in years and lost MacEwen how could answer the bell.. Edler time was over slow and time to move off as he got 3 million and not worth that..We miss Hamonic in line up and who knows when he will return..I would like to see Bowey in line up as #6 or 7, he had a very solid camp...Top 6 forward lines should roll out like this.. 1. Miller - Petey - Boeser 2. Garland - Horvat - Hoglander 3. Pearson - Dickinson -- Podkolzin 4.Highmore - Lammikko -- Dowling
  24. Finally had a big showing to close that gap a bit. 19 points from Kings of Leon...
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