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    Coach you good bro...?
  3. TIL John A Macdonald was a sympathizer to the slavers in the civil war!

  4. Logan Couture is available to trade. Looking to move up in draft but open to anything.
  5. Yeah, I’d love to get either OEL or AP but at the end of the day, Benning is simply just doing his job.
  6. The amount of composure Joe showed was commendable. He didn't unravel...despite Trump's spewing and spurting and whatever else he was doing.
  7. If they do buy him out, I hope we target him if we move on from Sutter and use Gaudette in a trade.
  8. Ya, he hasn’t had linear improvement there “bro”. It is the opposite, you clearly are only paying attention to overall point totals by season and not actually paying attention to actual game by game performance. He had worse production for most of the season than his career average. That isn’t linear improvement. He literally had one statistical bulge of amazing performance at a 1st line rate. When you are only looking at his season totals, that hides the rest of the year which was pretty dismal.... including the last part of the season and the playoffs. For six weeks we saw what Jake could be if he just did as he was told by coaching staff. He used his size and speed to drive to the net and even made a few good passing plays. That is the guy we drafted. Unfortunately that was sandwiches between a horrible start and finish to the season as well as a bad playoff showing. In those times he went back to “perimeter Jake” where he predictably got angled off, away from the middle of the ice and then just circled behind the net before giving up the puck. So, folks have to believe if he is going to be the six week Jake or the 5 years of history Jake.
  9. Yes. At 3.2 long term or 5ish for TT...TT is a blue chipper...JV is not. At least not yet although statistically he looks ok. Dobber has his value at 4.2 on a long term deal based on last year ... Don’t think we should do anything other then a one year deal with JV. Short bridge - one more chance - or trade him - really just a cap dump. As far as championship material? He does seem to have character issues but who really knows in the locker room. Nobody does but the coaching staff and the players. He came in guns a blazing had a fight cheered on the bench - scored a nice goal - made an awesome possible goal saving back-check ... and then pretty much was a kitten most of the rest ... disappointing based on his draft position but he’s pretty much right at the average for that position overall. If he plays 400 games pro scouts wouldn’t consider him a bust and that’s almost a certainty at this point.
  10. If we were going to spend that kind of money it be best to try for AP. They are also roughly the same age.
  11. Thing about Anderson (I believe @oldnews mentioned) is that he's only a year older than Virtanen and their stat lines are very similar from last season. As well, Anderson was spoken of in very similar terms to Virtanen as not playing to his full potential for a few seasons. Yet this season, he seemed to have broken out. I do believe that Benning is listening to every offer coming his way on various players, but that is no guarantee or indication that a trade is imminent or necessary.
  12. I was honestly expecting Biden to knock Trump completely out but he has too much class and dignity to stoop to the white supremacist in chiefs level.
  13. Benning wouldn't be doing his job if he wasn't finding out the asking price here. Doesn't mean it's going to happen, but it helps sets the price on other potential trades as well.
  14. Pick 92 by the Oilers is Chicago Steel (USHL) Defencemen, Luke Reid. @pmalina is on the clock
  15. I see him going as a part of a trade for Miles Wood from Jersey and a 2nd or Josh Anderson straight up. One has the speed the other has the meat and potatoes.
  16. I'm surprised the market is booming today. Futures last night after the debate were in the toilet a couple hundred points.
  17. Trumps game plan for a debate is to hurl insults, lies, accusations, name calling and his opponents family into it! And then beat him with experience.
  18. True. I guess I should appreciate what we do have here by seeing "what could be". Scary.
  19. Pretty much. And despite what it's opponents claim, it appears to work:
  20. I think what really struck a nerve with me was when Trump was going on the attack of Joe's children by interrupting him in a cold, callous way as he spoke of his deceased son. There is absolutely zero empathy, humanity, class or dignity in this man that I see. He's an empty shell. As he interrupted Biden for the 900th time: I saw fire from Joe. While he could have very well jumped in to Trump's dirty puddle to sling mud back at his family (nut) tree, he didn't. But his tone changed and it was very much a "don't you dare" moment as he used the opportunity to dispel the myth that drug addicts are worthless, disposable human beings (except if they're Trump's friends). People should be be wary of a man who'd rather use someone's struggle as ammo and target someone through their dead son. Really poor taste. STHU and be a human being for a moment in time. If that's how you debate? By taking swings at someone during their moment of reflection on a dead son? Joe carried on with dignity as he defended his family. "When they go low".
  21. He’s on the border of being a top 10 D man. If we can find a way to get OEL without breaking the bank we gotta go for it.
  22. Although I admire the willingness to sacrifice their body in the shooting lanes, don't you see the problem here? If Edler and Tanev are blocking THAT many shots, and we're still giving up above-average shot rates...that might be an indication that they lack ability to defend against the things that lead to the shot (zone entry, puck retrieval, pass interception, etc.). I remember when Brodin got signed someone showed the heat map comparisons between him and Tanev, and they couldn't be more different. Tanev bleeds shot attempts from high-danger areas. Sure, he blocks a lot of them, but certainly not all of them. And when he gets the puck, he has below-average ability to transition to offense (fortunately Hughes did most of that for him this year). Maybe he's not as effective of a defensive defenseman as the eye-test would have us believe. And none of his shortcomings are going to get better as he ages.
  23. I'm thinking ahead to our next federal election. I'm thinking carbon tax is going to be heavily debated again. I'm hoping the other parties introduce green tech onto the bill as the main fighter to climate change. The carbon tax just seems to be shifting the supply curve to the left, creating a larger burden for the consumers to bare. From what I read the carbon tax is just used a way to regulate carbon emissions.
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