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  2. Benning has done a lot in convincing Petey to go for money instead of team.
  3. If you're looking to add playoff depth, Derek Forbort, James Neal and Alex Chiasson are available.
  4. ASSIGNMENT: The Winnipeg Jets have assigned Clark Bishop to the minors (no waivers required). IR ACTIVATION: The Winnipeg Jets have activated Thatcher Demko, Alex Edler and Bo Horvat from injured reserve.
  5. It's been tweeted and it's plain cap rules that you can verify if you like. To recall Juolevi, we'd need space for his base salary+potential bonuses. Until Beagle went on IR(or we're moved Benn), given the other moves/claims we've made, we simply didn't have room to recall him. And for his own part, Benn had in fact largely played well also. Though I'm more than happy we moved him to ensure Juolevi gets some real play time down the stretch. Pretty sure that was always the plan and it really was only the Covid outbreak that brought some question to it.
  6. If it wasn't that big of an issue why have other countries stopped using it....
  7. Seattle is going to take someone, I'm hoping that JB makes a deal with them, take Holtby and here's a 3rd round pick as a Happy Birthday / Thank-you
  8. Well I'm basing it off of the 4 vaccines that are approved right now, Pfizer, Moderna, AZ and J&J. Two of them need to be kept in freezing temperatures those haven't had blood clot issues. Yet the two that don't need to be kept in freezing temperature have had blood clots related issues. Definitely seems fishy even if you say not so much, kind of hard to ignore that with the ones that are kept in cold temperatures.
  9. it would be sick to have petey and eichel as our 1, 2 centers but the rangers can match anything we have to offer. we have 3 untouchables: petey, hughes and demko to buf: boeser, podkolzin, hoglander, 1st round pick 2021, 1st round pick 2023 to van: eichel we would still have to push money out the door after the deal
  10. I'm interested to hopefully see some of the kids rotated through the lineup over the next few weeks and see how they look individually. But I'm not expecting us to win a whole lot or look all that great as a whole. Meh, better chances at landing Clarke this draft.
  11. If the Worlds are happening, I'd be good with him playing there instead. That would also be really good experience for him.
  12. I see the Marlies have postponed their next 3 games. I wonder if the Leafs might be affected (infected) as they share the same facility
  13. I never heard a explanation as such. Was it something JB or Green mentioned?
  14. Hmmmmmm, Silovs, I guess that means either Holtby or Demko are unlikely to be ready to go on Friday....assuming Friday night is still a thing...
  15. Imagine a 4th line of Deb - Jack Fig - Dumb Nuck how long into the game before John and John refer to them as "a truckload of truculence"???
  16. I mean..... if I saw this happening to a key U.S market I’d assume the league is helping them tank
  17. I don't mind Sutter as a players but his salary has to be in line with hsi contribution PLUS he's starting to show his age and his predisposition to injuries. He's showing his age and the funny thing about age it only gets worse
  18. It depends on whether you're talking about news stories or opinion stories. CNN has some good reporting, but also plenty of editorial opinion segments. Fox, aside from Wallace, is pretty much all opinion/propaganda
  19. Canucks will win the first one on adrenaline and the PGT portion of the thread will have 19 pages about the magic number to clinch the playoffs
  20. We get to watch them again this afternoon - second game in back to backs vs Syracuse
  21. Wouldn’t mind starting an entry into coin around $280-$260
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