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  2. How is that ironic? And what is your point here? The REALITY is that Ferland has always had concussion concerns even before making his debut as a Canuck. And the fact that he’s injured means he’s contributing nothing towards the success of the team, and until he has fully figured out his concussion issues we won’t be seeing him anytime soon. So a move to a LTIR or other solution to free up both money and roster spAce actually makes the most sense for the success of the team going forward. Let’s deal in reality not hypotheticals. The so called physical style you refer to is what keeps getting him injured and after numerous head injuries and punches to the head as a result of his style of play, it seems that it’s caught up with him.
  3. I like those but id put Sutter on the 3rd for defensive reasons, plus he and Jake work well together. I'd put AG on the 3LW and put Motte on the 4th.
  4. He's always been on the 3rd line but I'm not surprised he's struggling given the huge downgrade from the lotto-line.
  5. He was the best player on the ice for the Canucks last game. Let's hope he keeps it up, because he showed in the bubble that he can be a huge difference maker.
  6. The Oilers PP was terrible, they really miss the left shot of Klef, Barrie looks lost out there. I guess it's moot tho with how we look on the PP, gotta figure with that talent and resume, somethings gotta give. I wonder if Petey is hurt? He looks like a completely diff player.
  7. Thought he looked much better last game. He's probably the only player I'm giving a pass on the team though, considering that these 4 games have been his first 4 in close to a year, and all with a new team, new D partner with minimal practice in training camp to get the timing, trust, and reflexes up to speed. He's been noticeable and that is already a good sign. I trust he'll ramp up the consistency soon, and when he does, we have a steal of a deal at 1.25 mil.
  8. It ironic that a lot of people sort of hoped we would get out of Ferlands contract to create cap when in reality he would be perfect in these playoff-style games. He was expected to be a big piece of the core and I hope he somehow makes it back next season. A year and a half is a long time to rest.
  9. Not sure when but Peteys gonna explode soon, he's obviously peed off and he's to good to not breakout soon. Listing to a few out of town and one in town, they make a lot of points about all the turnover.
  10. What did you think of season 3? =p I just want to randomly yell at somebody "Quiet!!!"" just like how Johnny does it. That show is absolute gold. If anybody here isn't watching Cobra Kai, you're missing out BIG TIME
  11. Its sad its gone this bad, but Im almost on the boat that I'd have anybody else in the lineup other than Rousel. He had a good first season here but damn, his play has gone down the dumpster. Absolutely does F-all
  12. Yeah I made that mistake when I jumped in when the pandemic started, I was fearful on how my job situation was turning out so I was just trying to churn out 1k or so every week. But then had I held (and yes thank god Im still employed), I missed out on a lot of money, I probably wouldve been at least 5X had I held. Love taking profits, but damn its a crappy deal when you miss out on the rocket ship
  13. Agree with the liability part....and I remember thinking it was good when he was on the ice for Calgary.
  14. Notice that the movement is essentially rotation. The defenders have to move in order to defend; something that our first unit does not do, they stay on the outside and don't rotate, so that the defenders just come out to them and pin them to the boards - board battles that we consistently lose. if the PP is static, it is easy to block passing lanes, until you rotate, nothing opens up. Movement creates passing lanes, plus it drags players out of position - reversing rotation does the same only moreso. Our PK problems are the reverse of our PP problem. We stay in the middle of the ice and the other team has open lanes to pass through everytime they move. We are dead on the PK because we don't pressure the side boards - we let them find great looks because the enemy PP has all the time in the world. Give NHL players that kind of time and they will do exactly what they are doing - murdering us. It does not help that none of the pairings are intact from last year, and we have had precious little practice time - but even last year with consistent pairings we were at best middle of the pack.
  15. Tory caucus to meet Wednesday to determine fate of MP Derek Sloan: sources The Conservative Party of Canada's caucus will be holding a vote on Wednesday to decide whether to remove MP Derek Sloan, sources say. The party's leader, Erin O'Toole, had called for his removal on Monday, after a report from Press Progress surfaced revealing the member of parliament for Hastings–Lennox and Addington accepted at $131 donation from a man who has been described as a neo-Nazi.
  16. I got in for a small position a week or so ago, thanks ari, or nuckspatsfan! $$$
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  18. damn, didn't think you were into the little stuff! I took a chance on solr.v, i jumped on 1500 @ 0.28 2 days ago (just as it was going straight up), Im hoping for a bit of a pull back, so i can buy a few more thousand shares
  19. How the other surface (the big one?) I have a surface book too and its great. I like it a lot better than the surface pro line
  20. Dudes voice is deeper than the mines of Moria
  21. She wishes she looks like Stevie Nicks.
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