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  2. No I didn't; I want MacEwen to get a shot on the 3rd.
  3. You forgot MacEwen 6'4 , 215 plays with edge he will be on wing on 4th line MacEwen - beagle - Motte.......Hawryluk will be great guy to have on team as 13th forward.. Depth for injuries and great work ethic, gritty for his size 5'11, 195 lbs plays big..
  4. Hurricanes release Brock McGinn, Kale Clague and Corey Crawford
  5. Or, players get injured and we don’t have do anything... lol
  6. I have been laughing for days. Joe going to TO to win a cup.
  7. See deb, that's the whole reason I wear a mask and don't cough on people. I might not be old, but I'm not new and I definitely don't wanna go around killing people with my spittle. Do you have a Canucks mask yet?
  8. So says you, but it is a valid and useful tool. As for your conspiracy theory - no need to comment on that. However, your brother does seem to understand the concept of statistical probability - good for him.
  9. Calgary would need to expose one of Sam Bennett or Andrew Mangiapane. I’m pretty sure Seattle takes one of them before they take Giordano, unless Calgary adds a nice sweetener.
  10. @RowdyCanuck In terms of tech, I say look at some of the cities in the US, especially Kansas City. Kansas City of all places has turned into a tech hub. It's very doable. I could see a Calgary becoming a tech hub, I mean why not if Kansas City can do it? lol And it's not just Kansas City, if you look at some of the hubs: Austin, Ithaca, Madison, etc, they're cities kind of in the middle of nowhere. Also, tech doesn't necessarily mean programming or anything like that. There could be assembly line jobs within that for example among other things. Basically: manufacturing and IT work very well together. Back to Obama, the middle class increases actually started with Obama: If you look at the graph in the link above, it shows the highest rate just before/right when Trump was elected. Obama actually gave it the largest increase and then Trump just took credit for it.
  11. Right. And that was my original statement which started someone up. Something has gotta give. Whether it's buyouts, waivers or trades, there isn't enough roster space to accommodate the contracts, and the players that will steal those spots. Me too. And I never called Haw an aging vet, I actually really like him. I think he's better than a few of our vets. So I'm not sure where that came from, hef. The point I'm arguing is something has to give. Our bottom six is bloated af and you can't convince me otherwise.
  12. I can't believe this beauty isn't getting more steam. He's one leg kick away from an Elaine Bennece
  13. Yes I will agree that alberta didn't diversify enough , farming and ranching are good industris but they create a limited number of jobs.......where adding tec would have been smart but the problem is to make good money in tec a degree is almost nessary and come on those guys arnt office types and that's why adding steel , where having a strong back is more important , if you catch my drift? Also over Obama terms the middle class income only went up by a grand and under trump it's up to 5 grand increase........and how many presidents or PM that would put out tariffs that hurt their own pockets but create jobs at the same time?
  14. First of all, I'll never say that Benning hasn't made mistakes. He has. However, I don't look at things as the end of the world from these mistakes. I'm just going to number the reasons why: 1) Benning hasn't signed a contract like Eriksson since... well.... Eriksson. He seems to have learned his lesson there. 2) Think about Pittsburgh for a moment with Crosby, Malkin, and Letang. That's been their core. They won a cup in 2009 and they won back to back later on.... with a different support cast, and they definately lost players similar to Toffoli during that time. Yet.... they still did well. As long as we have our core, we are fine. 3) Most of the bad contracts finish in the next 1 or 2 years. Most of the overpayments are off the books at that point. This also means we should be able to keep our core as stated in point 2. 4) While it hurts to lose Toffoli, this probably wouldn't have happened if we didn't have a flat cap. We have to account for that. It's an abnormal situation. 5) Toffoli alone isn't going to turn us into a cup contender. 6) Hoglander, Podkolzin. etc, prospects are much much cheaper labour. Not a guarantee, but most cup contenders rely on them and that cheap labour. If we have to rely on Toffoli to put us over the top, we're in trouble. I could keep going, but I hope that gives an idea on my stance. I will also say that I do think he made a mistake in lack of communication with the free agents. That's another lesson that hopefully gets learned. All GMs make mistakes though and I think the lack of Eriksson signings is positive.
  15. How's his trash talk? Give him 97 and then have him chirp McDiver.
  16. Ideally, under normal circumstances, JB would able to clear a couple of contracts to create roster and cap space, but the market is not there. I full expect him to waive vets in order to be cap compliant. This will force him to have a couple of rookies on the roster, and these will be the guys that show they earn it the most.
  17. We don’t. Ferland will keep 79, Hawryluk will have to pick a new number.
  18. I'd rather lose a high paid vet or two. I have zero issue with picking up a guy like this who can easily be stuck in the minors as an injury callup. Benning seems to consider this a legit option too since he signed him to a 2 way deal. Hawryluk is 8 months older than Virtanen, so it's not like he's an aging vet.
  19. Assuming Virtanen can be signed for less than $2.8m AAV and Ferland is not on LTIR, then I can see JB waiving Loui, Baer and one of Roussel or Sutter. This will be necessary to keep us cap compliant. I can't see any other team trading for those contracts, but we also shouldn't be spending assets to get rid of them either. The inevitable LTIRs will happen and then other guys can be called up as needed. Opening night roster: Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Virtanen Roussel Gaudette Ferland Motte Beagle MacEwen (Hawryluk) Hughes Schmidt Edler Myers Juolevi Benn (Rafferty) Holtby, Demko The 3rd line could equally be Ferland-Sutter-Gaudette; and Hawryluk might be outplayed by Hoglander/Lind; and Rafferty might not make it in over Rathbone, etc.
  20. You're twisting my words. I agree with the competition, just not when the probability is pointing towards 11m in cap space being benched because they're no good, comparatively.
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