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  2. Yep. They are both developing players. On a positive note look at the Sedins. They took years to get to their PGP levels. Not just because they were behind Naslund, aside from Burrows and Carter nobody could boost their production. EP and QHs back then would likely also fail hard. But in today's game, where we are back to late 80's in actual size of players (when Chara retires will go to mid 80's lol), these guys are set up to win. Aside from Bure and Linden, we've never had players that have played as well as QHs, BB and EP right off the hop. They are so young, and years away
  3. Terry Sawchuk. Big time respect for Plante and all those goalies who played before him. Those guys didn't wear masks.
  4. 272 days until Cancun.

  5. Went with Jacques Plante. Was a toss up between Plante, Sawchuk, and Broda for me.
  6. That's risky. EP could explode this year or the next ... if he doesn't he's still like a Sedin out there during their prime minus their peak year. He explodes and the next deal is going to cost major bank. He's got a Mckinnon trend in him possibly. I'd be happy to lock him up for 8 years. But would pay him anticipating a PGP (point per gamed played). That's Sedin like money, 6.1 back then, so in today's money that's 7.75-8.25 tops. The last 3-6 years the cap will start rising again. Back then the cap was rising again and like 8.6. QHs i'd like a 2 year deal..
  7. Any illusion that either one of Hughes and Petey is worth close to double digit figures is out to lunch. They're great players, no doubt, but the fact is that both of them still have have a ways to go before they're comparable to some of the best players in the league. Petey hasn't been a PPG player yet, has been hit hard by the injury bug, and honestly just doesn't drive the play as much as I'd like him to. Unpopular opinion, but I think some people are still a little blinded by his first 10-20 games in the league where he was just incredible, before the rest of the league figured
  8. if he ain't ready for the AHL then he ain't ready for the KHL either.
  9. First of all i agree they really haven't earned much more then BB money. It's flat cap for three years at least, possibly five. GMs made some big mistakes so far this off season. Makar - hasn't earned top three money, neither has Seth Jones. Hamilton yes of course he has, four years in a row as a top RHD in this league, was on his way to winning a Norris two years ago, plus freaking 30 in 48ish games and almost as many points too, fourth in voting this year as well. Three years younger then AP was in his walk year and tops or top five in virtually every 5 x 5 catagory. Better then
  10. This article provides some info on the variants and the places they were detected. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/a-new-strain-of-coronavirus-what-you-should-know
  11. Jaimito

    Tokyo Olympics

    Canada-Sweden women's soccer final moved back to 8am ET https://www.tsn.ca/1.1678019.1628167944
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  13. No doubt. Poolman plays third pairing minutes and does ok he will be a tradeable asset if we want too, just like Benn was. For all the complaining, he got virtually exactly what hockey sites that predict contracts (2.4 x 4...so call 100k too much lol, on the most heavily taxed team in the league with MTL and TO/OTT). If he gets paired 5 x 5 with OEL or QHs so what. If it works great, if not maybe he's a depth D and better injury replacement then Chatter/Rafferty were etc. For sure i'm a lot more concerned about QHs ability to develop into a more complete D, and what his next contra
  14. Just remember, Ballards pay for example, percentage wise, is actually more then Myers was when he signed. All of those guys making 4-4.5 we're getting paid 6 plus in today's market. The Sedins would be making more then AHO is now too, Kesler what O'Reilly makes etc. That team did get some cap relief because of the clauses - they are always worth money too, and a lot of relief because of Luongo's contract. Back then our team was the 7th least taxed in the league too. A little easier to attract UFAs even if we weren't a great team. Kind of sucks that MG went out and acquired Booth an
  15. Hughes and Rathbone. They might find out that Rathbone is the keeper. Will Petey's wrist hold up the test of time?
  16. I think the Canucks should go after two year terms for both of these guys. 5 to 6 mil each for no more than 3 years. Two preferred. Leave some cap flexibility for trade deadline and go for it over the next two years.
  17. Awwww. Don’t like getting called out on your homer nonsense? My reading comprehension was fine. You going off like Petar Pan in Neverland is another story. I never mentioned 5-6 (even though that is a fair number considering Quinn is a one trick pony) Quinn WAS a comparable to Makar a couple years ago. He has always been a bit behind him, now it’s not even close. Only a couple of rose coloured glasses kinda people such as yourself think he is.
  18. Pittsburgh is thrilled to welcome defenseman Matt Grzelyck to the organization. Signing a fairly significant seven year deal to play on the team's top four defense we feel we've added an offensive element to our lineup in a player that is still on the upswing in terms of production at the NHL level. Matt helps solidify a revamped back end that has also seen the additions of Esa Lindell, Robert Hagg, and Sami Niku over the offseason. The Penguins are also pleased to re-sign Henrik Borgstrom to a two year deal, an offensive forward whom will be given every opportunity at
  19. deja vu the CCPs control of the situation could be commendable if they were forthcoming with the real numbers to help the world fight the disease.
  20. I think that clip of the Softball charity event is when I got the bad taste in my mouth. You can't help but feel it would have been an uncomfortable situation if Schmidt was still a Canuck this season, because it does seem like brought no passion as Canuck while leaving his "heart" and "enthusiasm" in Vegas. I mean, I get it's he's only human. But seeing that I felt like it was best to move on from Schmidt. He was never going give his 100% as a Canuck.
  21. The only offensive punch he did for the Canucks is taking a hit on the team's cap space
  22. Seeing as how there has been some discussion about our best friends https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/the-evolution-of-puppy-dog-eyes-portsmouth/
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