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  1. just got it, i'm a major noob though. you guys got it for ps3 over 360? any non-idiots play it on live? edit: i'm not calling people who play it on ps3 idiots. my two last questions are totally unrelated. just surprised that people acutally play ps3 online. always thought xbox was the console for online play.
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  2. It was a quick summary of what you have been saying all along. Appeared to, since you kept responding? If it was so useless, why did you respond? Don't respond to this post. It's clear you know nothing about respect in hockey.. I mean, where have you seen someone consider a dirty elbow like that Cormier's as nothing compared to the disrespect of a coach and his U20 team showing support for their teammate in doing something as small as not shaking hands? There's a word called solidarity. When you learn the meaning of it, come back and we'll discuss whether intention to injure another player is worse than snubbing another team for a post-game ceremony.
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