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  1. http://team.forsvarsmakten.se/english/#/private/jEF3jSR80B
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  2. :emot-parrot: :emot-parrot: :emot-parrot: :emot-parrot: :emot-parrot:
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  3. This is officially my first post in CDC Latenight lounge! In order to go out with a bang, it will also be my last! Might as well make it count with this:
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  4. Guyz LNL is a place of love. Keep the minuses on the down-low and the pluses galore! To prove my commitment to this policy, everyone on this page has gotten a plus :D
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  5. No matter how badly you try to justify it, having Eklund as a valid source on CDC is a complete joke and makes this board look terrible. As of right now he says the Canucks are trying to get Marc Savard and Steven Weiss. Why the hell would we want either one of them when Hank and Kesler are both locked up long term? This is just one of the many ridiculous and fabricated "rumours" that Eklund makes up in his little fantasy land. The same land that you are condoning as a "valid source" basically because he has his own website (GIMME A BREAK!)
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  7. This lounge has been dead recently !
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  8. Thank you good sir +1 for you
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