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  1. Montreal's owners (The Supputo family) are very wealthy. Top 10 in Canada I believe. They used their own money to build a stadium, and then upgrade it this year. Our owners are very wealthy as well. 2 of our owners are billionaire's, Our owners even offered to privately build a soccer stadium in Gastown, but 20% of the residents gained enough attention from corrupt politicians to get it blocked. They are still looking to build one, but doing so quietly. Their lease with BC Place was relatively short(5 years). For comparison sakes, most teams are forced to sign 20 year leases when they move into a new facility. Back to topic, it seems at the present time, our owners are simply only giving enough money to compete, until a stadium is obtained. Whitecaps are right in the middle of the league when it comes to team salaries. We only use 2/3 DP spots at the moment. TFC went after a well known player like Torsten Frings and he has just been awful. TFC has the 2nd highest salary in the league, and sits in 2nd last. RSL, and SJ have shown you can compete if you build your team properly. LA may spend a lot, and 2/3 DP's (Keane and Donovan)are still good enough to play in the EPL(and both have done so on loan agreements during MLS off-season), but they also have great residency program. In short we WILL eventually spend money, but owners are committing most time and money towards stadiums efforts as appose to winning a title right now.
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  2. Good riddance. As much as I dislike the Riders, the Bombers deserve every bit of their horrible season after last years "swaggerville" garbage we were bombarded with every week. God that annoyed the piss outta me.
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