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    Reading a bit to much into things me thinks.
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    Yeah a lot changed in 2 weeks on CDC.
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    Unless he moves to wing I can't see him as anything other than a 4th line centre on this team for the next 3 seasons or so. He's not going to pass horvat on depth chart, horvat is a superior player now and in the future. He should be traded in a hockey deal to improve our wing positions that are lousy.
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    Gillis did not mention Gaunce in his interview about Canuck prospects. He talked about 7 prospects, Horvat, Shinkaruk, Corrado, Jensen, Cassels, McNally and Hutton. FFS Gaunce is a former first round pick and the GM didn't mention him in an interview about our prospects. Didn't mention him when he talked about 7 other prospects. This is not a mistake. Gillis clearly doesn't think that Gaunce is in our top 7 prospects right now. He may develop in the AHL or not. But there is no doubt that right now, Gillis does not consider Gaunce in the Canucks top 7 prospects.
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    Gaunce is not ready for the NHL . Not even close. He needs to spend the next 2 years in Utica . Jensen and Shinkaruk will also be there so hes not alone.
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    He's already mentioned Gaunce as being very close to NHL ready, what else does he need to say.
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    Gaunce is underrated. I have a feeling he will prove to be a steal for us. He's got all the tools to even be better than just a third line center.
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