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    100 points 1st season or I'm calling him a bust.. He better be able to play goalie, and coach at the same time too or it was a waste of a pick.
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    How do you people find the time to write this stuff?
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    ^ Yeah, that's why we get people screaming "bust!" at 20-year olds.
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    NO. Absolutely WRONG.... He will be credited for multiple things... The goalie trades for sure...the other things you mentioned? Not well thought out. Ehrhoff - wanted to get paid. Grossly over-paid. I'd be pissed if MG matched that offer Salo - he was old and risky. He found a great replacement with Tanev Torres - I like him and he's been good with the Sharks. But....if he played for Vancouver, he would have spent half the season suspended. Did you forget that were the Nucks? Not one of the favored teams in the NHL.... Etc...? Coho maybe? Please....I'm glad he's gone and that trade will be definitely one that MG will be remembered for. Lou - Blame AV for this mess. He stirred the whole pot when he designated Schneids as the #1 during the Playoffs.... Also blame the NHL for implementing new rules to screw up the contract that they approved. Schneids - Look at the latter part of Lou above. The new rules made any potential Lou trade impossible... hands were tied, had to deal a goalie and I'm happy with our return. We have some pretty good goalies in the system and I have faith in Lack.....had AV just stuck it out with Lou during the Playoffs, we could've kept Lou as our #1 and Lack as our backup. Kesler - "almost" traded Kesler and you think anyone will remember MG for that? The GM's job is to listen to all offers....if any GM didn't than I would say that they were doing a piss-poor job. MG did what any good GM should.... he listened to the offer and felt it was inadequate and didn't make a trade. You made a nice argument here... Draft picks - Horvat will be well worth the trade....if you want to retool on the fly, you NEED a player like Bo. He didn't go off the board like some other GM's and picked up Shink when he should've been taken earlier.... there is some credit due here. Cost of the present???? I could see your argument for Horvat....but I like this trade cause Bo will make more of an impact on the Canucks future than Schneids (mainly because we still have Lack and some other solid goalie prospects). However, how did selecting Gaunce, Jensen, Shink, and others cost the Canucks in any form....let alone your argument that it cost us the present? What MG will be remembered for is finally pushing the owners to own their own farm team. This move alone is huge and should've been done years ago.... developing our own players will yield huge results for our future, MG did this. No mention of the FA that he signed? MG will be remembered for bringing in key pieces like Tanev. The culture of this Organization to turn it into a destination team for FA? Previous to MG....I don't remember us signing many significant FA? MG picked the future stars of the Nucks....Kass, Bo, Gaunce, Jensen, Shink, Fox, Cassels, etc.... regarding last years draft, MG hit a homerun. He built a team that won 2 President trophies and made it to the Finals.... There's a ton of great things MG has done and I won't get into it cause I've mentioned them in multiple posts previously... but, MG has done more for this team than you care to mention or think about... MG will be remembered for his huge role in transforming this team from constant bottom dwellers with poor prospects into contenders and future SC champions You may not want to give MG credit for the key roles our prospects will play in the future...but every other Nuck fan will give him his due respect. I'm sure you are one of the CDC posters who always claim that this team was built by Burke and Nonis.... these two, like every GM in the league has their own share of blunders. However, not one of our previous GM's has made the significant changes that MG did because MG was able to think outside the box... Because Nonis still gets recognition, MG will be praised by CDC. The goal might be to win now and retool with young players on the fly...which is exactly what MG was doing....so I completely disagree with your assumption that this is the reason he got fired. Politics... that's all.
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