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  1. Nice to see hes back. Glad I was wrong in suspecting this was something major. Sorry to all who in recent discussions
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  2. that;s like 4 straight games of playing on the teams 3rd line? If so they should just trade him then. totally useless to play on a 3rd line.
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  3. Only because we care about him the most
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  4. Bowey made a bad pinch but Virtanen was there, and he was in position to cover. Just because it was Bowey's fault, doesn't mean you just watch the play unravel because it's not your job. He could've skated hard, and he could've helped defensively. So what if he's not a two way forward, doesn't mean he doesn't know how to skate. We're not knocking on him as a player, but he made a bad play there. No need for these sarcastic "bust" jokes
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