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  1. Reblogged from: https://narwhalhockey.wordpress.com Hint: There’s no puzzle, that was just to lure you in, and it rhymed. Anyways… Look out Anaheim, California! Or shall we say, look out National Hockey League. GOOD friends Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa have been reunited in Anaheim and are poised to have a strong season. Adding these two players to the team gives The Ducks two more players. In doing so, The Ducks have also made themselves immune to things such as smaller/inferior NHLers, Michael Ferkland, playoff losses to Nashville/San Jose, and guys who don’t play like bastards. The ma
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  2. "Adding these two players to the team gives The Ducks two more players." "The big thing here is, on one hand you have #17 Kesler, and then when you add #3 Bieksa into the equation, you get 20. I don’t know where I was going with that..." Add the two to the two, and the 3 to the 17, and what do you get?
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