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  2. Matson actually could've been a decent depth player, great on faceoffs as I remember... he was just devastated by injuries. I think he only player a handful of games with the Wolves for us. Gaudette definitely is showing more of an offensive upside though which is great to see. Side note, Gaudette got another goal today. His 17 points puts him fourth on his team in scoring now. 7th in Hockey East freshman scoring as well. Goal's at 40 seconds of the video below:
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  3. At the draft I pointed out that Gaudette and Neill look like re-incarnations of Matson and Polasek based on their league, point totals, age, size, draft position etc. Taylor Matson (draft year) USHL - 55 GP 13G 24A 37 PTS Taylor Matson (draft year +1) WCHA - 13 GP 1G 0A 1 PTS Adam Gaudette (draft year) USHL - 50 GP 13G 17A 30 PTS Adam Gaudette (draft year +1) H-East - 24 GP 5G 11A 16 PTS Insane seeing the difference. In Taylor Matson's fourth season, and what you could call his "breakout': 43 GP 8G 15A 23 PTS Now Matson isn't even that bad of a pro player. In his actual rook
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  4. At this point, Gaudette could go pointless for the rest of his season and he'd still be finishing ahead of the curve. For a freshman player drafted in the later rounds, he's already more than exceeded expectations. And exceeding expectations seems like a running theme for Benning's picks from this draft year.
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