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    Granlund's have the most goals of any brother tandem in the NHL this season. Neat trivia. I thought it would have been the Staal's or Foligno's. Granlund 31 Foligno 29 Staal (E+J) 27 Sedins 24 Stone 22 Van Riemsdyk 22 Benn 21 Ritchie 21 Staal (E+M) 18 Hayes 17 ... (as of Feb 18)
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    Just a reminder that I'm hosting a game of Cards Against Humanity for CDC. http://pretendyoure.xyz/zy/ We'll push the game to 6 pm PST, on the "falcon with a box on its head" server. The game will be labelled with my CDC username so it's easy to find, and the password will be Canucks.
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