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    How old is Juolevi? People wanting Tkachuk now are same that wanted Nikushkin and for the same reasons. The same who degraded Horvat for being in juniors while Nickushkin was scoring in the NHL Juolevi is like Horvat. A FUTURE investment for what we'll have need for. Congrats to Tkachuk for being a decent player. But he's not what we needed for the future he's what we need 4 years ago.
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    Both really. People can't seem to wait for players to develop and assume that more nhl ready players automatically equal 'better'. Or that more rebuilt teams have 'better' prospect pools. Well sure, they've been rebuilding twice as long + as we have. How much 'better' was their prospect pool 3 years in to their rebuild though? It's as though almost nobody can consider context or critically think anymore. And those of us who do get slammed for 'making excuses' and being 'Homers'. Ridiculous, impatient and infantile.
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    I still like the Juolevi pick over Tkachuk. For all we know 5 years from now Juolevi could be a multiple Norris winner and Tkachuk might not be in the NHL. Its foolish to say you simply should have taken X player over Y after half a season.
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    Right. Because I have the opinion that we shouldn't have passed on a great prospect I'm a Flames fan... Lets all just praise everything management does and never question anything. Good little sheep right? Give us your wallets.
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    Signing Aston - Reese would allow us to draft high risk style players on the wing. Shooting for the stands as it was. His immediate chemistry with Gaudette forms 2/3s of an effective line. We've done very well with NCAA free agent signings. Let's hope Stechers success and having Gaudette are enough to rope him in
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    2 assists for Juolevi today in a 4-1 win. Brings him to 45gp 8g 29a 37pts. He should surpass point totals from last year which should even make Tkachuk lovers happy. Just imagine how many points he would have if the god Tkachuk was still with London
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    Bang on with pretty much everything HB. I'd be just fine if he goes back to London next year (we don't have space for him anyway) and spends at least part (if not all/most) of the following season in Utica. Shame he can't go there next year though. It'd probably be better for his development.
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    Thanks for the link. Out of curiosity I went to the Tkachuk thread to see what they were saying: Bennett should be traded or sent to the AHL to develop as a C and debating whether bringing their young players in too soon like Tkachuk will end up with bad development paths like previous Oilers prospects. Why would they be thinking this? Although Tkachuk is having a great rookie season, other players such as Bennett, Monahan and Gaudreau have regressed this year. They seem to be worried that rushing these players into the league has put too much pressure on them and effected their longterm development path. This too could happen with Tkachuk in the following years. It could also not happen and he continues to be successful. But I think it is key to remember that it is quite difficult for a young teenage rookie to come into the league with initial success and sustain that over their entire careers. I think it is quite possible that Tkachuk regresses next year as other players take more space and time on the roster. I am of the belief that the longer Joulevi takes to get to the NHL the better. We should groom a prospect like this into their potential #1/2 role. There is no reason to push his development in this regard as we do not need him next year. If he isn't dominating in the CHL and demonstrating that he needs higher competition, then leave him there until he does dominate both defensively and offensively. Leading the London Knights defensemen with 37 points in 45 games is pretty good and an improvement over last year, but I would not say he is dominating yet. He went into a slump when Mete was out of the lineup, but he definitely plays better with him as his defensive partner whom is a little more of an offensive defenseman. Maybe, hopefully, we see him turn it up a step in the playoffs as well.
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    No, this is an OJ thread. I'm not sure why you're talking about Calgary Flame, Mathew Tkachuck in an Olli Juolevi thread on the Canuck forum.
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    http://fans.flames.nhl.com/community/ Sarcasm is not 'bashing'.
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    Oh don't be crabby I'm joking around. I also didn't say anything negative about Tkachuk so take it easy. He's a productive player for sure but I'm of the opinion that over the long run that Juolevi was the right choice. If anything I'm poking fun at how over the moon people are with Tkachuk. You never used to be this touchy Deniro.
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    NO! NOT GOOOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Imagine Benning being able to sign Aston-Reese as well as talking Gaudette and Boeser into signing and being sent to Utica for the rest of the year I'm sure Green would be thankful for finally getting some talent to work with.
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    We've always room for a right shooting forward. Damn, imagine picking up Aston-Reese for free....
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    Yeah i guess it's up to him. But do you remember before bo was in the nhl... all we could talk about was nichushkin. That's what you and half CDC is doing with Tkachuk and OJ.
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    Yeah, it would sure be a shame if OJ followed in the footsteps of Bo, Baer, Granny, Hutton, Tram, Stecher, etc., one more rookie ruined by WD.
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    With that, he extends his point streak to 10 games. He has 18 points (12 goals and 6 assists) in those 10 games. Also, 9 goals in his last 6 games.
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    1 goal, 2 assists, +3 and 7 shots tonight.
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