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    Roswell should get their own NHL team because the fan support would be out of this world.
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    Happy St. Paddy's Day 2017 Irish Dream I have dreamt of a place, magical and green, where the slightest wish may in light be seen. A place that banishes sorrow, leaving a quiet peace, and renewed, body and soul combine in long lease. On a pool of jade and emeralds I calmly float, my spirit soars; without wings, without need - I gloat. There, in exhilaration; my soul in emerald reflection, my hand cups water, clear now is its connection. My eyes lift to view the verdant canopy and drapes, when movement seems to conjure mythical shapes. Fairies and leprechauns; who through the mist dance, and averting my gaze to still the spell, I again glance. In awe and disbelief, I watch them frolic and play. What place can this be and how have I come this way. Then, an aged and gnarled elf beckons; in his eye a gleam, and I hear him whisper; awake, awake, it is just a dream. by Jay-Scrawl
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    I've only read the first paragraph of Burrows' article and I'm already almost tearing up. Better gear up for the emotional roller coaster to come.
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    Well, I just got into town about an hour ago...Took a look around, see which way the wind blow...
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    Movies galore! Kong was pretty solid. Bring on godzilla!
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    Great interview by Dave Tomlinson on 1040 today.
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