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  1. People after the Canucks win: "WOO PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME" People after the Canucks lose: "Trade everyone for picks and tank"
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  2. Any updates on Jack Rathbone?
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  3. Thanks for getting Bday boy a win Nuckies, I can drink to this!
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  4. Can’t wait to see Derek Dorsett represent the Canucks at the ASG.
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  5. Poking around the KHL website and noticed a few things. Tryamkin is currently among the top-20 KHL defensemen in points (T-15th). He's also top-20 among all players in hits (11th) and blocked shots (T-20th). And he's not very far off the top-20 (and definitely trending that way) in TOI/GP. He's also getting close to the top-20 in shots taken (among Ds). The KHL has 27 teams. Based on Tryamkin's performance thus far this season (ie: being top-20 or close in several key areas), one could argue he's quickly becoming a #1D at the KHL level. That's if he isn't al
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