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  2. Not at all a Toews fan. But, him showing up to spend time with the recovering players, their families and presenting them with a jersey is an outstanding gesture.
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  3. Because Motte can also play C like Gaunce, I think Motte will likely pass Gaunce unless the latter comes to camp next year with something more to offer than he has shown so far at NHL level. Motte is also a year younger. Gaunce - 114 NHL games so far, 5 goals, 7 assists and 45 PIMS with not brilliant advanced stats...e.g. TA/GA was 1.0 Motte - 79 NHL games, 9 goals, 5 assists and 20 PIMS with decent advanced stats...TA/GA was off charts good at 5.0. This past season, Gaunce 1.3 hits per game, Motte 3.1.
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  4. It will be interesting to see how all this shakes out next fall. I still think Gaunce will evolve. He took great steps this year. Before his injury he was actually putting points up. IMHO the only thing missing in his game is a bit more physicality. If Archibald and Motte did not turn a light bulb on then nothing will and he is likely passed on the depth chart.
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  5. This is Earth Radio, and now, here's... human music
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  6. Sure - Putin is from St.Petersburg and Gasprom's head office is located there Pff Slava Malamud, really... The guy has been living in North America for 25 years, hates Russia, has American citizenship and is still somehow considered to be expert in Russian sport. He is like Botchford in Vancouver, mostly rumors and self promotion...
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  7. Yeah as I expected, Ilya Vorobiev is acting head coach now for the Russian national team for the coming world championship. Some changes in the team roster are predicted by experts and Tryamkin playing in the worlds is the # 1 in the list.
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  8. Boeser on the third line? I don't think that's happening. Your best goalscorer has to be on the top line and produce. If anything. Gaudette might be in the third line and work his way up if he can. I think Sutter will be the second line centre honestly to relieve pressure for the young players to produce offensively. Next season is going to be a tough year. But fans and media have been clamoring for a rebuild. Well. This is it. Don't complain. Honestly. I'm excited about what is going to happen next year whether we are good or not, at the very least or young players will be getting valuable ex
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