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  1. Would love to see DSP here. Young enough to still be useful when our youth hit their prime and brings some size, toughness, and clutch scoring to the bottom 6.
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  3. Bro Jake leaving 1040. I actually liked the guy. I listened more for for entertainment during my commute in the morning rather than expecting serious hockey discussion. Like going to McDonalds and not expecting 5 star dining. Id sit and have a beer with jake over the likes of the new cut throat spread sheet pushing JD Burke types any day of the week. Good luck Jake! http://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/tsn-1040s-bro-jake-to-make-big-announcement
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  4. IMO users should be able to add polls to status updates. Would be more convenient than creating a whole thread to ask a small question.
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  5. The most insane thunderclap just happened in Victoria. Reverberated for about 45sec. Then an intense house shaking echo following this eerie earthquake like cresendo. That was &^@#ed. I was expecting a spaceship to appear or Eddy Maiden to rip out of the road. I've never experienced that type of long lasting reverberation or the absolutely intense echo. Super &^@#ing weird
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