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    Makar's freshman season as a 19 year old: 34GP, 5G, 21pts, +9, 0.62 PPG. Rathbone's freshman season as a 19 year old: 29GP, 6G, 19pts, +9, 0.66 PPG. If Rathbone plays 34 games like Makar did, he'd be: 7G, 22pts, +11. Makar was picked 4th overall. Rathbone was picked in the 4th round .
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    Nothing riles a Leafs fan like "Canucks legend Mats Sundin"
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    Looks like Tavares' feelings were hurt. That whole sequence was pure cringe. Just stop with your pettyness Toronto.
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    The mods on this site do a great job i must say. You let a discussion be free flowing, but moderate when needed.(repeated topics,personal attacks and etc). As a viewer of many forums,i must say this should be the standard for Mods and forum setup. Question tho...when did you guys relax a little bit on swearing, and why? i swear years ago you guys were much more strict with it ..not that im complaining but ive noticed it and have wondered
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    Rathbone will be a more effective NHL player than Makar. Rathbone plays a physical game, and is really hard on and off pucks. Makar is Charmin soft.
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    Great weekend for Rathbone. Goal last game, and 2 assists tonight. I could easily see him taking over for Fox, as Harvard’s top Dman next season. Tonight, for example, he led the entire team in shot attempts (6), had two blocks (also team leading), and nearly added a goal on the wraparound. Seems to be playing with a lot of confidence right now. His heavy shot is giving goalies trouble and creating lots of rebound chances. And his aggressive offensive zone play makes him a constant threat, both from the point, and moving down, often circling below the goal line, before rotating back up top. 19 points is already an impressive freshman D total, and he still has plenty of time to add to his numbers, as Harvard closes out regular season play, and enters into the tournament stage.
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    Sad how we are only 5P out of a wildcard but 6th worst in the league. The West was truly bad this year
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    He's out Makar Alf. Skates well and heavy shot
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