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    You are quoting the state income tax and ignoring the federal tax which is a maximum of 37% for the U.S.
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    Let's look at a couple smooth skating, cerebral, two-way top pairing defensemen: Duncan Keith 20 year old: 75GP - 7G - 25PT - 0.33PPG in the AHL, 8GP - 1G - 2PT in the playoffs. 21 year old: 79GP - 9G - 26PT - 0.33PPG in the AHL, 6GP - 0G - 0PT in the playoffs. Nick Lidstrom 19 year old: 39GP - 8G - 16PT - 0.41PPG in the SHL, 2GP - 0G - 1PT in the playoffs. 20 year old: 38GP - 4G - 23PT - 0.61PPG in the SHL, 4GP - 0G - 0PT in the playoffs. Olli Juolevi 19 year old: 38GP - 7G - 19PT - 0.5PPG in the Liiga, 11GP - 2G - 7PT in the playoffs. 20 year old: 18GP - 1G - 13PT - 0.72PPG in the AHL Though stylistically different, the AHL and the SHL/ Liiga are comparable in terms of quality of competition, and Juolevi is easily better than Keith/ Lidstrom as a 19 and 20 year old. And if you were to judge Lidstrom and Keith by their earlier records, it would suggest that they're poor playoff performers who disappear once the pressure is on. But luckily for their teams, fates aren't determined at 20 years old. Keith: 2x Norris, 4x All-Star, 1x Conn Smythe, 3x Stanley Cup, 2x Olympic Gold. Lidstrom: 7x Norris, 12x All-Star, 1x Conn Smythe, 4x Stanley Cup, 1x Olympic Gold, 1x WC Gold. Seems like most of the criticism surrounding Juolevi is centred on: 1. did not light the world on fire in his D+1; or 2. did not make the NHL in his D+2/ D+3. Imagine the uproar if he pulled a Keith and spent all of next season in Utica, and put up 0.3-0.35PPG. Cam Barker played 35 games in the NHL as a 20 year old. Giordano spent his 20 year old season as an overager in the OHL. Now Barker is floating around Europe and Giordano is a Norris winner. Doesn't mean Juolevi will be a 60+pt franchise defenseman, but it's completely illogical to put a cap on his potential because he didn't make the NHL before his fellow draftees.
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    It's the Georgia Straight. That bastion of sports reporting Enough said
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    Yes, & add to that two rule books. The bread & circuses are indeed rigged.
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    Love it. My favourite so far. Give him the C already.
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    Olympic team won 4-3 vs Avangard in its first game of Sochi Open tournament. Podkolzin played on the same line with Marchenko and Savunov, no points but big hit on Yaremchuk, two minutes penalty for interference.
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    Kenney again on twitter threatening national unity over equalization issues. Threatening separation over payments and resources. Effectively blaming Trudeau and threatening a referendum if he doesn't get what he wants. https://calgaryherald.com/news/politics/kenney-stoking-alberta-separatism-notions-political-analyst When we speak of ignorance this joke of a human being is exactly what we're talking about. he is stoking the flames of separatism, he is threatening national unity and he has people believing that it is Trudeau's fault. except...in 2006, 2008 and 2011 the former Harper Government weighed in on and changed equalization structures with Jason Kenney one of the heads of that portfolio. When will people learn to simply fact check people instead of being sheep? http://www.formac.ca/starrspoint/2018/12/18/the-equalization-history-that-jason-kenney-likes-to-forget/ https://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/the-trudeau-liberals-fast-one-on-equalization-not-so-fast/ https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/conservatives-equalization-payment-formula-good-for-alberta-and-quebec-bad-for-ontario-report Kenney is becoming an actual threat to Canadian unity by lying to the ignorant
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    Timrafan...when you post 'something that you've read' without providing a link to the article, you come off as a troll. Without being able to read all of JD's comments, he comes across as a self-entitled whiner. I was a big JD fan, but I have come to terms that, for whatever reason(s), he is just not good enough for the NHL. I understand that he is very disappointed that he wasn't signed by an NHL team , but his chances would likely increase if he focused on improving the aspects of his game that sent him back to Sweden. Other than when Torts (who most fans hated) was the coach in Vancouver for a brief (and painful)season, I have never heard of any coaching staff 'yelling' at the players. The team has a history of signing Swedish players and all I've ever heard is how much they love the organization, city and fans. Many of them make Vancouver their home after retirement and others return to Sweden and continue to work for the team as coaches and scouts. Your constant ridicule of the management, city, fans and now all of North America is ridiculous and excessive.
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    Louie avoiding physical contact.
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    Hope he assists on a few goals with Woo in Calgary this year. Ye old Focht Woo to the other team.
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    The following is an interview between Travis Green and Iain MacIntyre from Sportsnet VANCOUVER — As Travis Green returned to Vancouver for mid-summer coaching meetings this week, the Canucks team for which he is planning the 2019-20 National Hockey League season is significantly different than the one he last coached in April. General manager Jim Benning has added potential 20-goal scorers J.T. Miller and Micheal Ferland, as well as top-four defenceman Tyler Myers and third-pairing veteran Jordie Benn. And the most impactful newcomer could be 19-year-old defenceman Quinn Hughes, who sparkled in a five-game NHL cameo last spring and has the potential to follow Calder Trophy-winning Canuck centre Elias Pettersson to the NHL awards ceremony next year. But Green is also facing the uncertainty of restricted free agent Brock Boeser’s stalled contract negotiations. As the 22-year-old winger deals with the grave illness of his father, Duke, home in Minnesota, Boeser and the Canucks are at a standoff, apparently waiting for other key RFAs around the NHL to sign and set the market. And then there’s the dark cloud surrounding Loui Eriksson, the veteran winger who after 32 goals (and $27 million in compensation) over his first three years as a Canuck said at the world championships in May that he and Green “don’t really get on 100 per cent.” There appears to be no exit for the Canucks on Eriksson, but will they play next season without him as the team tries to take what Benning and Green call the “next step”? And what the heck is that next step, anyway, and does it mean the head coach changes his focus away from player development? Green talked about all of this with Sportsnet in his first interview since the NHL draft in June. Sportsnet: How excited are you about the roster changes? Green: I’m really excited. I think coaches are always excited about getting ready for the upcoming season. But with the players we’ve added, I’m excited about every guy we’ve signed, even the minor-league guys. Across the board, they’re all really good additions to our group. SN: The team was still 25th in the league in scoring last season, 17th in goals-against and your special teams were average. Where are you going to be better? Green: Everywhere. I think adding Tyler Myers and Jamie Benn to our defence, (Oscar) Fantenberg as well, is going to help. In Myers, you’re adding a guy who has played a while in this league, a big guy with a lot of range. You’re adding a top-four defencemen, which are hard to find. And I think in Benn you have a veteran guy who understands the value of defending. And I think he’s got some sneaky offensive parts to his game that people don’t think about: his shot, moving the puck out of his zone. Fantenberg is another smart player that is young enough in the league that he’s still improving. And obviously with Quinn Hughes coming in after a full summer of training and getting stronger, he’s a little bit of a wild card as far as where his game goes next year. SN: The organization has never had a young defenceman as dynamic as Hughes. Is he a game-changer for you? Green: He definitely has that capability. He did things in those five games that we probably haven’t seen on our defence since I’ve been here. When you look around the league, how you break the puck out and how you move it up and the ice, and how you get up the ice and create offence from your defence, is so important. It was exciting as a coaching staff to watch him. But it’s also our job to understand the player we have and taper expectations and put him in a position to succeed. SN: So the defence should be better if Alex Edler and Chris Tanev stay healthy, but will you score more goals? Green: I’m hoping goal-scoring will be spread out more with this group now. You’ve got two guys (Miller and Ferland) who are quite capable of scoring 20-plus goals in our league. But I like that they’re heavier bodies that can win puck battles. At the end of the day, you watch playoff hockey and it’s not just about how skilled you are. You’ve got to be able to be willing to compete and play when it’s hard. Both these players bring those elements to our team. And I think they’ll help our other skill players. I do believe guys like Pettersson and Boeser and Bo Horvat will benefit from having these guys on our team. SN: You moved Boeser to Pettersson’s line from Horvat’s line last season. Do you finally have enough good wingers to surround both of your top centres? Green: I do. I have switched the lines a lot in the past, but some of that was out of necessity, trying to find guys who were on top of their game that night. I like that Miller and Ferland are both capable of playing up and down the lineup. SN: Miller, Ferland, Myers and Benn are all big bodies. Last season, you added Tanner Pearson and Josh Leivo, and last summer the team signed Jay Beagle and Antoine Roussel. This trend towards heavier, physical players can’t be by accident. Green: The game is a lot faster and you need guys that skate, for sure. You need guys who can play with the puck. But you’ve got to have guys who can get to the puck and win those puck battles. It’s no secret, when you watch the NHL playoffs, there’s usually a couple of big teams playing for the Stanley Cup. SN: Last season you were eight points better, but to get back to the playoffs, the Canucks need to improve by another 12 to 15 points. How hard will that be? Green: How hard is it? When you’re talking about 12 or 14 points, you’re talking about an extra two points per month. Is that a lot or is it not much? I can you tell you one thing: Every team in the NHL, when they go into the season, their goal is to make the playoffs. SN: What is the next step? Green: First of all, our young players have to continue to get better. We’ve got to make sure Petey, Boeser, Hughes, even guys like Bo and Marky (goalie Jacob Markstrom)… we’ve got to keep pushing those guys to be better hockey players. We need the team to play well, and we need a team that’s healthy. I think we’re a lot closer to that playoff marker than we were a year ago. SN: Does that change your coaching priorities away from player development? Green: Not really. Petey becoming a better player is a big part of us taking the next step. I can be very open and honest with him, but I know he’s driven to win. There are other young players I’ve seen in junior and the AHL that were very good players but weren’t driven to win. I know he’s going to do everything he can to be a better hockey player and push us to be a better hockey team. I believe Quinn Hughes has that in him. And I believe Brock took a lot of steps last year, too. We’ve got other young players like Jake Virtanen. Where does he take his game to? Our development now will really affect whether we win. SN: How concerned are you that it’s August and Boeser still looks far away from a new contract? Green: I’m not. This is part of today’s NHL. The one thing I know about Brock is he wants to play bad and he wants to play for this team. I talked to him recently about his summer training and where he’s at. He sounds excited to get going again. The contract stuff always takes care of itself, and I believe it will. SN: When he does sign, it will be for a big number, which makes Eriksson’s $6-million cap hit more onerous. Were you surprised by what he said at worlds? Green: What did he say, that we didn’t have trust and see eye to eye? SN: That you didn’t get along 100 per cent and that you don’t trust him the way his previous coaches did. Green: I was surprised that it came out publicly. But I’m not surprised that he isn’t happy about certain things. Players are proud — they want to play well and want to have individual success. I understand Loui hasn’t scored as much as he wanted to and maybe played at times as much as he wanted to. I understand that and we’ve discussed that. But it happens a lot (in the NHL). I like to think I have an open-door policy and try to be as honest with players as I can. Loui and I have talked about his play and I know he’s frustrated. SN: Have you talked to him about what he said? Green: I haven’t talked to Loui yet. I’m sure we will talk when I see him. SN: Room for Loui under the salary cap is one issue, but is there still room for him on your team? Green: Loui, I respect his career. I know he wants to probably play better than he has and have more success for himself. But I still have a job to do. And my job is to put the best team on the ice and play guys I see fit — and not just based on salaries. I want players who will do anything in their power to help the Vancouver Canucks win. That’s all they care about: being a Canuck and helping us win. With the additions of some forwards, we’ve got some tough decisions to make. And he’s no different than any other player coming into camp. SN: Camp is still six weeks away. Is it hard to wait? Green: I wish it was starting now. When you don’t make the playoffs and you watch the hockey during the playoffs… and then with the additions we’ve made, I’m excited to get going with our group. We’re going to have a lot of new players on our team. I can’t wait to get going.
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    As long as he doesn't take the C from Horvat and gets him traded, then all good.
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    I disagree. I am more desensitized by the daily reading of a new mass shooting in the US than I am by crappy graphics and a split second of blood on a screen with mediocre background music and some fat 10 year old in his room calling me gay while he camps my spawn site. I dare say most Americans are now as well. I used to care, I used to feel sick. After nothing changed post sandy hook and [insert US school here] and people started saying that's the price of freedom, I stopped caring. Now I see the headline and simply wonder how many the shooter got before they stopped him, what's the media narrative, how will politicians spin this one. Nothing more
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    There are a lot of individual states in the US that have high taxes as well. California being one. The arguement with taxes for me is that it has nothing to do with what happens on the ice. There are many Canadian teams in the past who have iced Stanley Cup contending teams even with tax issues. The Canucks went through almost a decade where they were contenders every year. So I'm not sure I would subscribe to this.
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    How is that interference? The guy literally just touched the puck
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    I'm confused. You crossed out Bo Horvat and then replaced it with "our captain". Shouldn't it be a Tryamkin wallpaper then? XD
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    I know when I want hard hitting and informative hockey reporting, I immediately think of the Georgia Straight...
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    I wanted to give Loui the benefit of the doubt the past 3 years because he seems like a good teammate and hasn't complained. But this summer he has the nerve to question the coach. He has not played hard enough, not scored enough and nowhere near earned his money. As I understand it he already has $27mil of the $36 he is owed. This means he has made 9 per season. A real man would mutually terminate his contract and move on. He can play somewhere else for 1.5-2.5 mil and not bring down the Canucks anymore than he already has. I am now on the F@ck Loui wagon. He should stand up and do the right thing for his team and himself and move on. He is dead to me!
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    Loui still puts up 10 goals every year. This is his record as a Canuck: 11-13-24 10-13-23 11-18-29 And ya, you might think that he'd be attractive after his bonus was paid on July 15 as a player with half the salary as cap hit but there are no takers. Still, what if Benning is putting him out there at 50% retained? $1.5M average for a 10 goal forward who is good on the PK. All teams pass. I expect him to go on waivers and it looks like nobody will touch him.
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    stupid articles on the Canucks are the lazy go-to for writers when they are out of ideas. We give them too many clicks and just encourage them (which is why you should post the whole thing here vs having us click on the link). That contract could turn out to be a horrible anchor for them too, if MK poops the bed this year which is just as likely as not. I doubt it shifts the conversation on Marky one but, he has a lot more history in the NHL and there are expansion issues to deal with, those two factors will weigh in a lot more than Chiapet handing out a bad deal. And then there's how Demko performs.
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    We have several young burgeoning stars that are on very serious upward trends. We had historically bad man game loss to injuries last season. Very hard to see it happening again. Some guys that looked good at the end of the season, were mid season additions. The new offseason additions are both point getters that can stir the point when they have to. I think we might push for a wildcard and fade late. The biggest unknown at this point is: was Markstrom's outstanding second half a fluke or not?
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    The bottom line is ... success/failure is ultimately up to the individual and coaching/development is just part of the process. Even IF you're being coached in a way that is detrimental to your progress, you can choose to simply go out there and do your stuff in spite of it all. Beyond that, it becomes excuses. You take what you are given and work with it to prove you belong. If you aren't getting ice time, you make sure that the little bit that you do get is proving that your game is "ready". You have a good attitude, even if you're being told things that you don't agree with...it's all about having an open mind. Some who feel they've "made it" and just have to be given a platform may not be using self reflection to see areas of weakness. Even if you've had previous success, it's at a different level. If you excel in one aspect of the game you may need to also round that out...because teammates will rely on you in different situations. Petey's game is very complete and that's why he's been able to jump right in. But a big part of that is his attitude...it isn't "easy" for him out there and, as opponents began to notice him, they focused on him, making things tough. But rather than whine to the refs, coaches, etc., he has the mindset that he has to always "do better". That he has to find ways to elude them. That's HUGE. He's isn't "satisfied" because that can come with some complacency. By all accounts and purposes, he could sit back because he's "made it" - rookie of the year playing in the NHL....simply adopt a superstar mindset and would likely not progress as much as he will with the "keep working in every area" mentality that he has. Coaches may be working toward refining a negative attitude that's all about "my ice time" rather than "my progression". That's the difference. Your own statement supports that with the argument that some thrive while other "better" players do not. That's their deal...coaching is supplementary and not a switch that goes off. If you're not thriving under new coaches in a different environment, it may be that you're not suited to that environment and the coaches are simply trying to help get you there. But if you view it as "their fault", you likely are stuck there. Early on in these guy's potential careers, it's important that, not only the skill level is there, but the work ethic is as well. It's NOT easy - you're playing against the best of the best and it involves a lot of hard work and, at times, coaching that can be tough. But the coaches want the players to be successful. As a teacher once explained to my son (when others were acting out a lot in class but being ignored), he wasn't willing to waste time on them but he saw potential in my son and that's why he focused on him. If a coach is "hairdrying" he's investing time and energy...even if it's viewed as negative. Soak it up like a sponge and try to see things from a different angle so you're not missing anything. Coaches are human beings and not perfect. But one should always keep an open mind and work with what they're given to the best of their ability...proving themselves despite it all is up to them. No one else.
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    Interesting. Swap of two lottery tickets. Both teams are so bad it just might work! That or Ottawa trades Zaitsev for Puljujarvi.
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    Fair but until then get rid of the ARs, the 100round clips/magazines, and body armour for civilians.
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    I wanted to see if a wagon would build on 112. With my own vote + Zfetch's vote on her, I had hoped more people would join in so I could make some key inferences. Nobody joined in which likely suggests that scum were scared to hop on. Unvote 112
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    America always had crazy people and lots of guns. What has changed is the angry rhetoric from the White House, lack of mental health care and media’s obsession with these shootings.
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    Go for it. Hope you have some inspiration. This time of year is pretty thin...waiting for something of substance to occur.
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    That's like saying every 30 point player is going to want a $6 million dollar deal, because the Canucks signed Eriksson. Benning himself probably regrets that deal. Pretty sure all around the league has learned from that. The Canucks signed Ferland, who has a lot more intangibles (And toughness) to only $3.5 million per year and only 4 years. And Ferland got 40 points last year, which is 11 points better than the best year Eriksson has had with the Canucks.
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    This. It's so commonplace that it's easy to forget that each and every victim is a human being with a family and friends whose lives also will be devastated in a trail of destruction. Guns need to be gone - unless you are a hunter using a rifle for food/sustenance, you have zero need for a gun. "Protecting ourselves" doesn't have to be so drastic if those we're protecting against don't have them either. I think a guy running around with a knife will have the devastation of his act reduced, greatly, as he has to get up close and personal rather than just blindly spreading his hatred. Sure, those horrible bombs that people make are a threat...but the world is making it more difficult for those perpetrators too (with measures in crowded events addressing backpacks, etc.).
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    The coach said he'd be a big piece of their team as long as he's healthy and available
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    $7 million on a back loaded short term contract is too much. If he wants to hit the $7 million mark, he needs to sign for 7-8 years. Short term deal and he has to rely solely on past performance and he is a 55 point player, so that earns him $4-6 million per. Long term contracts and he gets to argue future potential and buying free agent years to bump up the amount. Vrana just got under $3.5 million per on a 2 year bridge deal as a winger in a similar situation, he had 24 goals and 47 points last season. Boeser’s 26 goals and 56 points doesn’t earn him more than double the salary.
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    I like anyone who's got something you can't guard, cant handle. Even as simple as relentless, infectious work rate. But including size that runs through you in a puck battle. Can make passes no one see's coming. Speeeeed. A howitzer faster than a goalie can react. Slippery & explosive agility!
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    On the same day the player the Jays got in return had to leave the game because he missed a fly ball and it hit him in the face. If that doesn't sum up how most Jays fans feel about this trade I don't know what does....
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    Goaltending: B- Markstrom proved this last season that he can be a very strong starting goaltender in the league, and Demko seemed to find his game at the NHL level. While there are question marks as to whether Markstrom can continue the level of play that he exhibited in the latter half of the season, and questions as to whether Demko can take the next step, I'm pretty comfortable with where our goaltending situation sits right now. Defence: C+ A pretty average defence if I'm being honest. That isn't to say that it won't be a massive upgrade on what we had for most of last season, but it's still pretty run of the mill when put up against the rest of the league. I do like our depth though. If your 3rd pairing is Troy Stetcher and Jordie Benn, you're certainly not in terrible shape. I don't see any real gamebreakers outside of Hughes, who's still a rookie and shouldn't have the weight of the world placed on his shoulders in his draft +2 season, but I do see a pretty solid top 6 with 4 or 5 guys that could be considered 2nd pairing defensemen. Add Fantenberg, Biega and Juolevi to the mix as our 7, 8 and 9, and I'm relatively content with what we have to slot in when the inevitable injury bug hits. If Edler can play like he did last season without taking any significant injuries, and Hughes can be good enough to contend for the Calder, my grade would probably be bumped up to a B-. However, those are big question marks, so as of right now, a respectable C+ is where it sits. Offense: B- Much of our offense depends on whether Pettersson is the guy from the first half of last year, or the second half of last year. If He's the guy from the first half of last season, we're set. If he's the guy from the second half of last season, we're in a bit of trouble. As it sits right now, I don't really have reason to believe that Petey won't be able to match and even improve on his overall production from last season, so my grade is predicated on that. As far as the rest of the forwards are concerned, Brock is Brock. We know that he's a fantastic offensive player. Hopefully he'll be able to take another step forward with a full offseason to train this time around. Horvat is a rock. Guaranteed at least 60 points out of him, regardless of who his wingers are. The additions of Miller, Ferland, and a full season of Pearson should bolster our offense pretty significantly as well. Also, the extra offense that the blueline will provide via Hughes and Myers should be a significant help as well. Overall: B- I like our team this year. I like our depth. I like our grit. I don't see any super significant weaknesses in our lineup. Our blueline still lacks a gamebreaker (particularly on the right side) , we could use another top tier forward (a left winger in particular), and Markstrom only having a small sample size of elite level play under his belt, but still, this is the most solid roster we've dressed in years. Prediction: We just squeeze into the playoffs with around 95 points.
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    I think that Benning has drafted well and added quite a bit of backbone to the team through free agency signings. Bravo! We needed that. Can hardly wait 'till the season starts. I think that we will be competing for a playoff spot and from there anything can happen. At least it looks like we aren't going to be pushed around anymore. I think a lot of us are tired of that. Go Canucks Go!
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    i could see louie playing up until roussel gets back. i just hope that, which ever happens to louie, the fans root for louie to succeed. he will be hard pressed to make the team this year but don’t sour his process. the team will give him a chance to make it or not, the fans should too.
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    What is the lesson to players if Louie is sent to Utica - if you sign a big contract, earn it. I see no problem sending out that message, the only players that might bother are ones that have no intention of performing for their money - who the heck would want them anyway.
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    Bye, Loui. Love Green's open honesty with players.
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