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    Discussion on news and discoveries in Archaeology. Post your information here. I’m an amateur hack, learning as I go, finding alternative sources interesting and challenging the prevailing views. Some things are interesting, like the changing dates which man is said to have been around for in certain areas of the world, genetics and past civilizations. It’s a broad field. Alternative sources are also interesting. Some are so far out there that I can’t quite figure it out. I’ve learned a fair bit from these though. I started at looking at North America for the earliest signs of occupation. It’s been quite the journey. That took me into looking into the hominids and down rabbit holes. Now I’m hooked and realize how truly ignorant I am concerning my understanding of the world and our place in it. I think we are much older and more capable of a species than I’ve been taught, hence the thread. Obscure, unpublished data would be appreciated as well. Lecturing and condescending discussion, not so much. I hope this thread stays respectful and doesn’t turn into a thread of political divisions or persecution of thought.
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    MICHEAL FERLAND | #79 LW | 6' 1" | 217 lb | Age: 27 | Vancouver Canucks Born: April 20, 1992 Birthplace: Swan River, MB, CAN Shoots: Left Draft: 2010 CGY, 5th rd, 13th pk (133rd overall)
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    It actually boggles my mind Pettersson has been playing with goalie profiled skates most of his life.
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    Inventory Count Day AKA 14.75 hour work day. That's a new record right there.
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    i think i forgot to thank the derry man for lunch and the computer help today. cdc friendships in action. talked hockey of course.
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    Yeah, we only own his rights until 2021, a little longer than the guys we will be drafting from junior this year. Never too early to start worrying, so you keep worrying for all of us, thanks.
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